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Comment: Re:Right, I didn't say that, I keep saying the opp (Score 1) 291

by shutdown -p now (#48945207) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

We spent around $100 million per year to reduce drunk driving, and that saved 10,000 lives per year.

Can you give a reference to the source for this?

(I'm not disputing your assessment; just want to throw it all up in Excel sheet to see how much we could save per year if we diverted all military spending on Iraq+Afghanistan on social programs like that.)

Comment: Re:How (Score 1) 85

the lawyer seeks out the victim

if you ever are the victim of a newsworthy accident/ crime, you will get cold called by a number of lawyers, who want to represent you pro bono

because such cases gild their CV, get their name out there. free advertising

some lawyers, they seek out interesting strange and noteworthy cases only. out of ego, fame, crank cause, adrenaline, hero complex, whatever:


Comment: Re:better than rushing steaming piles of shit. (Score 1) 116

The first time I've read the series, I waded through God Emperor, and got completely bogged down on Heretics. After that, I had re-read the first three books several times, but each time I tried to go further I'd immediately remember why I stopped last time ...

Fast forward ten years, and I tried re-reading the whole thing again - and found that I actually enjoyed it. I still like the earlier books more, and the later ones are definitely harder and a slower read, but they no longer bore me.

Perhaps it just takes a certain amount of life experiences to appreciate them?

Comment: Re:Government Intervention (Score 1) 461

i've been commenting on slashdot for years. there's always this steady drip of comments from grammar (punctuation?) nazis like yourself. do you see me changing or caring?

if you don't like the formatting of my comment, don't read it. i don't owe you anything. you're not paying me

this is an informal comment board, not a doctoral thesis. get over yourself

Comment: Re:Government Intervention (Score 1) 461

yes, exactly

and that's exactly the next step with a weakened government: corporation owned armies abusing you with no recourse for your rights

oh, i'm making that up? it's science fiction?

By the early 1890s, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency employed more agents than there were members of the standing army of the United States of America.

During the labor strikes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, businessmen hired the Pinkerton Agency to infiltrate unions, supply guards, keep strikers and suspected unionists out of factories, as well as recruiting goon squads to intimidate workers. One such confrontation was the Homestead Strike of 1892, in which Pinkerton agents were called in to reinforce the strikebreaking measures of industrialist Henry Clay Frick, acting on behalf of Andrew Carnegie.[citation needed] The ensuing battle between Pinkerton agents and striking workers led to the deaths of seven Pinkerton agents and nine steelworkers.[4] The Pinkertons were also used as guards in coal, iron, and lumber disputes in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as well as the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 and the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921. The organization was pejoratively called the "Pinks" by its opponents.

now remember dick cheney and his adventure with blackwater

weaken the government and blackwater expands exponentially, and corporate goons are now stepping on your throat: "get back to work slave, i mean citizen. if you have a problem with our enforcement activities, please see the corporation owned courts, or attempt to fight our legion of well-funded lawyers when you can barely get enough to eat, because we've let 'the market decide' your salary"

you look around the world at kleptocracies, warlords, mafias... you really fucking believe government has a monopoly on force?

if there is no government army, it's not suddenly peace and happiness, it's fucking hell

where do you morons come from with your bullshit unexamined beliefs?

Comment: Re: What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 420

by shutdown -p now (#48944281) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

Nearly every citizen of every state has an identification card of some kind. A simple law stating that each state's Department of Motor Vehicles must provide an ID card would cover the rest. Or that welfare cards must have photos and citizenship status.

Yes, it would. But then conservatives would be all up in arms about the evil gubmint forcing them to have IDs, which, as we all know, is a hallmark of totalitarian regimes and therefore will never fly in the good old U.S. of A.

Comment: Re:Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 71

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48943475) Attached to: Cutting Through Data Science Hype

IBM, like SAP, Oracle and the rest, are dinosaurs unable to adapt their businesses to changing markets. Why would they be able to do the same for your company?

Well, I'd say that fossil fuels, which are mostly composed of dinosaurs who were unable to adapt(along with plants who were unable to adapt, and various other organisms who were unable to adapt) revolutionized the hell out of our entire civilization...

Maybe if IBM were buried and subjected to a few million years of heat and pressure they too would become a highly coveted resource?

Comment: Re:Government Intervention (Score 1) 461

we have competing ambulance services here in the usa too

but they will take you to a further away hospital they have financial agreements with (fuck your actual health emergency)

and if you don't have insurance you get a life destroying huge bill (because health insurance is a "choice")

Comment: Re:$45 Billion is just another tax, different form (Score 1) 87

by circletimessquare (#48943115) Attached to: US Wireless Spectrum Auction Raises $44.9 Billion

oh, EUR, euro

you guys understand the concept of a natural monopoly so much better than americans

in the usa we believe letting a rent seeking parasite siphon more money for shoddier service, and buying off our government to keep the arrangement, such as with healthcare, is "capitalism." and anyone who suggests dealing with natural monopolies as they should be dealt with: government control or heavily regulated, as you describe, is "evil socialism"

propagandized morons

The herd instinct among economists makes sheep look like independent thinkers.