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Comment: It's 20 years old (Score 1) 525

and may be hard to find. But the best book I always refer back to as what seriously started me on the path to being a programmer was Microsoft QuickBasic Primer Plus. QB may be old, but it is still available and the book is an amazing text as to the details of programming and why/how things work.

Comment: Re:Should be 'Opt-In' (Score 1) 118

by Drummergeek0 (#39138133) Attached to: Internet Giants To Honor the 'No' In 'No Tracking'

It should be ticked on by default. Most people out there really don't care about being tracked. Tracking is extremely valuable to the market in terms ad conversion and sales. This allows businesses to stay in business and employ people. There are few people out there who really care at all about the fact that they are being tracked, and those people generally know how to find the privacy settings in a browser. No one is going to actively seek out a setting to allow websites to track them because if they don't care if they are tracked, they also don't care if they aren't.

Comment: Been thinking this for a while now (Score 2) 237

by Drummergeek0 (#38675454) Attached to: Ubuntu Tablet OS To Take On Android, iOS

Since tablets are considered a fundamentally different device than a desktop/laptop, I feel this is where Linux could shine. Ubuntu always seemed to be in the best position to capitalize on it as well. I am anxious to see what they come up with because I would almost definitely ditch my iPad for an Ubuntu tablet. I should note that no machine in my regular use runs Ubuntu or any other form of Linux as it could not replace what I need my desktops and laptops to do.

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