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Comment: Re:Canada Here I Come (Score 1) 747

by Drugmath (#39574573) Attached to: Supreme Court Approves Strip Searches For Any Arrestable Offense
Not so fast, friend. We've had the very same policy for many years. Every prisoner who enters a jail is strip searched, regardless of the crime or potential length of stay.

For the most part, a minor crime doesn't result in you going to a proper jail, as you'll either be released on your own recognizance or held at the police station overnight to await your bail/show cause hearing the next day. If you do make it to a proper jail, however, you will be strip searched regardless of your offense or length of stay.

IANAL, but I have unfortunately had first-hand experience.

Comment: Re:Why I don't believe you (Score 1) 365

by Drugmath (#39063001) Attached to: Ontario Teachers' Union Calls For Health-Related Classroom Wi-Fi Ban
For somebody who lives in Australia, you sure are ignorant of your own situation.

Despite living in a country with an abundance of sun, about 30 per cent of Australians are thought to be vitamin D deficient by the end of summer. The figure rises to 40 per cent by winter's end in the southern states."

Taken from this source

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