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by Druegan (#47348309) Attached to: What To Do If Police Try To Search Your Phone Without a Warrant

Hi there. Atypical sometimes Slashdotter here. I don't think that *all* cops are out to get me, but of the few I've interacted with, 90% of them have been absolute self-absorbed jackasses who think that anybody who isn't wearing a badge and a uniform is "the enemy" until another member of their little "sanctioned street gang" informs them otherwise.

I seriously have less to fear from the *actual* gangbangers, drug dealers, and criminal miscreants in my town than I do from the police, and I'm not part of the "criminal element." I've had firearms stuck in my face by police twice, and never once from a "criminal" thug. An no, in neither situation were weapons present (other than the officers), nor was the officer in a tactically disadvantageous position (quite the opposite), nor was any *remote* threat present to the officer's safety, or anyone else's.

Among my friends, I have seen more damage done to their persons, lives, and property by police than by "criminals" by a factor of 5. In my own life, it's a factor of 2, because I don't particularly go anywhere or do much of anything, and I avoid law enforcement like the *plague*... (to the extent that I refuse to leave the house on any days or go to any locations where high law enforcement presence is likely to be found.)

I will not call police for any reason. I'll either deal with the issue myself, or I'll just suffer the loss and go about my day. I've never once personally witness a case where a situation was improved by the presence of a "law enforcement officer" on seen, but I've seen many cases where it was made considerably worse for the victim.

So, in a nutshell, f**k the police. I want nothing to do with a gang of powertripping thugs who possess a societally granted monopoly on acceptable violence and who are conditioned to view policing as a "war" in which average citizens are either "enemies" or "enemies we don't know about yet." I don't care if a few of them are decent human beings. I'll stick with the thugs and gangbangers and drug dealers and thieves, because they're more reliable and reasonable.. And you can occasionally defeat them.

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by Druegan (#47304557) Attached to: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret International Trade Agreement

Dear sir,

Please forgive the abuse of the English language employed by my countrymen. The vast majority of them are ignorant to a great many things, having been raised primarily on a diet of Cold War propagada during their formative years, and a steady diet of corporatist propaganda since. Perhaps one in a thousand has any idea what Adam Smith actually wrote, fewer still the actual ideas of Marx, or Lenin, etc. We also have no idea what the word "liberal" actually means to the rest of the world, because we confuse "conservative" with "psychotic militant reactionary."

      An Embarrassed American.

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I seriously have to wonder about Cat's decision there. If it weren't for the high likelihood of the job being given to Settingsgaard as a reward for "looking the other way" when some Cat Exec's kid (or the Exec themself) got caught with hookers and blow at some downtown hotel, I'd think they were insane.

No well-heeled global corporation would go hiring for a "security professional" at the Peoria Police Department, primarily because "encouraging lazy acts of random thuggery" and "complete failure to do your job except for covering your ass by collusion with the media" aren't exactly traits that one wants to encourage in one's security department..

Yes, I've had the misfortune of living in Peoria most of my life, and yes, the PPD *are* that bad. When you see cops, prosecutors, and judges all snorting coke together in the back of the Judge's Chamber (bar) downtown, you know your city is rotten to the core.

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by Druegan (#47192091) Attached to: GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

If you are potentially profiting from your .0000004% ownership in said company, yes. I'm sure that 1.5 cents will really bankrupt you.

How much hideous behavior has been justified as "protecting shareholders interests?" How much outright abuse, fraud, profit-whoring, corner-cutting, safety bypasses, etc, just get shunted up the chain from low-level schlep to manager to executive to CEO to Board Members who just claim "Shareholder Interests" only to see any responsibility disappear into that nebulous void?

Only way I can see out of that particular chain is to make corporate conduct actually *matter* to the people who ultimately, even if in a very distanced and disassociated way, own that company. If the only way to do that is to get rid of limited liability, then I'm all for it.

Indifference and absentee owners haven't done much to fix the rampant problems of corporate shittiness in the world.. maybe it's time we try the opposite approach.

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by Druegan (#46916399) Attached to: Opting Out of Big Data Snooping: Harder Than It Looks

I really doubt they have all that much on me that's at all useful to them. I don't have bank accounts, I shop by proxy, giving cash to certain trusted friends to purchase things for me, or I deal directly, in cash, with small independent retailers.

I have no credit cards, no shopping club cards, no discount cards.. I do use Facebook, every once in a while, but I have virtually no information on it beyond ranting about human idiocy and wishing happy birthday to people I haven't physically seen in 20 years. (and the occasional stupid cat picture share.)

On the net, I typically run NoScript aggressively, AdBlock+, HTTPS Everywhere and PrivacyBadger. I don't watch television, I don't use phones besides calling a local pizza joint once a month, unless I'm forced to. The only advertising I ever see is billboards if I drive somewhere.

Amusement occurs when I check my email spam filter.. I get things for "Over 50 Singles" (Not even close to 50, not particularly looking to meet people either.) Offers to refinance my mortgage or car loan.. (I have neither), "Special offers from AT&T for a free phone" (about 6 emails per day.. I *detest* phones, and the one I'm forced to have isn't even in my name, has none of my contact information associated with it, and is setup as "whitelist only" with only half a dozen people on the whitelist.)

And from that standpoint.. hell, they can "track" me all they want. I still won't give any of these parasites a goddamn dime (I have a policy of never doing business with anybody who sends me any kind of advertising, ever.) and they won't find much of anything in my information that they can even sell to some other group of parasites.

It's a choice whether or not you want to buy into this BS system of "ours". I've simply chosen to "opt out" in a rather more dramatic fashion than most.

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by Druegan (#46894763) Attached to: Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

This whole issue is ridiculous. Look, I'm not going to get into the moral debate over capital punishment. What's ridiculous is how people can't seem to figure out how to kill someone efficiently, humanely, and without drama.

Forget all this "lethal injection" nonsense. Just go with nitrogen suffocation. It's cheap, you get drowsy, you fall asleep, and you don't wake up. End of life, end of drama. Done. Christ, you'd think this was difficult like calculating the orbit of a mars probe or something....

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by Druegan (#46894731) Attached to: Distracted Driving: All Lip Service With No Legit Solution

Why all this focus on phones? How about the idiots who are putting on makeup, stuffing their face, having an argument with the person next to them, or dealing with rowdy children in the backseat? I've seen all of the above produce some truly horrific driving that nearly resulted in calamity.

Or how about the morons who *just can't drive safely in the first place* yet who wind up with licenses churned out by states who treat it more as a revenue generator than a regulatory process? I've seen plenty of incompentence out there as well.

But I've also seen a lot more self-entitled jackasses who just *have* to get where they're going 2 seconds faster than the rest of the traffic driving hideously irresponsibly and recklessly.

Sure, phones are a distraction.. but so are a lot of other things.. (Including, I might add, being blinded by the 4 billion lumens of police flashers at night or in adverse visibility conditions..) Some people can manage them competently while driving. Other people can't even manage the *car* while driving. Yet I don't see anybody having a "get idiots off the streets" crusade...

I mean, back when I was in high school.. the local D.A.R.E. program put a smashed car on the school lawn with a sign that said "50% of all traffic fatalities are due to drunk drivers." Well, that means that an equal number are due to stone cold sober drivers who are just too incompetent to be behind the wheel, but I don't see any outcry about *them*.

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by Druegan (#46835931) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

As another hater of the War on Drugs, I still have little sympathy for the person pulled over because of weed stank.

Seriously, if you can't be professional enough to at least plastic wrap your 30 lbs of weed in multiple layers of plastic wrap with at *least* one layer of instant coffee in the middle to cover up the dank, you're just lazy and don't belong in the business.

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by Druegan (#46835889) Attached to: 'The Door Problem' of Game Design

Except "you get shot once, and you are dead, and you couldn't rejoin the multi-player game until it was over" isn't realistic either, at least not according to the 55,000+ Purple Hearts awarded as of 2012 in Iraq and Afghanistan.. vs the 5200-ish combat deaths in those conflicts..

Apparently it is more "realistic" to be able to survive a bullet wound.

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by Druegan (#46835741) Attached to: Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones

"personal computers used to sell for 4 digit numbers in the past."

They still do, if you want a decent one. But yes, prices have dropped.

The only place prices *haven't* dropped, in aggregate terms, is enthusiast computing. 15 years ago, I could build something really "bleeding edge" for $4-5k.. Today, as more capable enthusiast products have cropped up.. getting to that "bleeding edge" threshold could potentially cost me 5 digits.

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I can't really say that Peoria has been a cultural touchstone for humorless reactionary behavior..

I grew up in a small suburb of Peoria.. lived in the area most of my life, so I know a few things about the city. The "Will it play in Peoria" statement dates back to the Vaudeville days, where Peoria was, at the time, the measure of "average joe american" entertainment preferences.

The town is many things.. some good, some bad. I can't say "humorless" though (we did give the world Richard Pryor). or even terribly "reactionary" compared to some places..(I haven't heard of any 5 year olds getting expelled or suspended for drawing a picture of a gun or a knife here yet..)

I will say one particularly negative thing about Peoria that materially impacts understanding the story in question.

"The town is a cesspit of corruption."

Seriously. Most people in the world think Chicago is bad in terms of that.. Well, Peoria gives them a significant run for their money.. just on a smaller scale. Everything bad about government... graft, double standards, backroom dirty deals, criminal complicity of the police force and prosecutors, extortion, organized crime, members of city government and their friends getting free passes on criminal activity, journalistic collusion...

It all goes on here in spades. You can't get a city contract unless you're buddy buddy with somebody with influence, scratch somebody's back, or hand them cash under the table. We have judges, prosecutors and cops openly snorting cocaine in downtown bars, sometimes with city council members.. parties at the big downtown hotels with hookers and blow and prominent citizens..

The police dept and the media collude with city hall to underreport crime.. I know of at least a dozen murders that have happened since the first of the year that have received no mention in any of the local press.. all to reduce the damage that accurate accounting of the city's crime rates would do to the city's reputation..

Why is that important? Because how how *filthy* city politics has been in Peoria for decades, nobody gets elected in this town without two things.. first, being dirty to the bone, and second, having a deep belief that they are entitled to a very different standard of treatment than the rest of society.

It's very much a "Legal? Who gives a sh*t. I'm the law in this town." kinda thing.

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by Druegan (#46785369) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

So the question I would ask you, as a board member, is "Who was responsible for oversight of the OPW program?"

I understand that keeping track of the finances is rather a pain in the ass, but at some level, somebody has to be responsible for doing it, somebody has to be responsible for looking over the shoulder of the person who is supposed to be doing it, etc. Eventually, one would assume, the buck has to stop at the Executive Director, the person who presumably is responsible for making sure that everything the organization does is working.

This would, if my chain of reasoning is solid, put this solidly in Karen Sandler's lap, and this makes the timing of her resignation suspicious indeed.

Of course, that said, I admit to knowing *nothing* about the inner functioning or organization of the Gnome Foundation. But I've known quite a number of business owners, bosses, and even a few CEO's who had some form of "The Buck Stops Here" engraved on some kind of desk widget or other. The good ones kept it as a reminder that they were responsible for what occurred on their watch within their organization. The bad ones kept it as a gaudy sign of their own power.

And while I'm certainly welcoming, in principle, of any initiative that engages in outreach to women in tech.. I would also question *why* the Gnome Foundation chose to implement such a sizeable outreach program when it doesn't particularly correspond to anything in its primary mission statement?

These questions aside, I'm glad to hear the Foundation will be able to patch up its finances in reasonably short order.

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