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Comment Not again (Score 2) 142

This is in some ways similar to what happened to the radio spectrum. Large swaths are only licensed to commercial enterprises to broadcast trash while amateurs got squeezed into narrow slices here and there. No. Reserve 200-300 ft along well-defined corridors for commercial delivery services and leave the rest for amateurs.

The stuff I want from Amazon isn't going to be in stock within a 500 mile radius anyhow. I don't need tacos delivered by air.

Comment Wrong phones (Score 1) 213

Apple's (and most other "smart" watches) watch works with smart phones with pretty displays. So, exactly, why bother with a watch? Where it would make sense is paired with a compact tough smart phone with maybe an E-Ink display and no fancy GUI. Keep the phone on your hip, in your shoe, on top of your beanie. Stick a Bluetooth bone-coduction headset on, control everything with the watch, and it's now a semi-hands-free wearable system. Everyone seems to think the iPhone/Android direction is the future path. Maybe it's not. It certainly has not been for me. Problem 1: How to sell people a high-performance phone for $500 that has a minimalist and low-power display/UI + a watch for $300 to interface with it. Problem 2: Apple doesn't want to cannibalize phone sales, so they're not willing to make the watch work with other than their high end phones.

Comment Pffft! (Score 1) 143

Chump change! Seriously, $6B LA to SF? Bargain! Start adding up what was and is spent on aviation infrastructure and 6B will soon look like a drop in the bucket. Such vehicles, however, only make sense on routes where there's a LOT of travel. Explains why there are fairly quick and on-time trains in the Northeast and pretty much nowhere else in the US.

Comment Bad design (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Doors unlocking, that's one thing. Doors opening and engine not halting when ignition switched off, that's horrible design. Always, always keep physical means that override any other possible means to do things like opening doors and disabling engine. Person approving those designs should be shot and then sent to the Russian front. Stuff can go wrong mechanically, but why would you ever add yet another possible point of failure?

Comment Back to the Future (Score 1) 31

And now we come full circle, back to dead-reckoning systems, the future of navigation, which works in buildings, underwater, and underground as well as under a clear sky. The big difference is we now have (or almost have) highly precise inertial sensors that someone other than the military can afford.

Comment Not so new (Score 1) 557

Embed tubing in floors to support radiant heating from whatever source (solar, earth-source heat pump, basement fusion reactor...).

Conduit/guides in every wall to allow for easy installation later of whatever wiring/small diameter pipes might be wanted.

Structure built with security in mind... strong frames around exterior doors and windows, exterior doors that open outwards, upper windows not easily reachable from the ground, ground floor/basement windows with some structure (bars, or very narrow openings, perhaps), consider best locations for security cameras.

Metallic layer in exterior walls to thwart through-wall imaging devices.

Even if every room is heated/cooled without forced air, you'll still want a good ventilation system. Homes without that get stuffy.

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