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Comment: Back to the Future (Score 1) 31 31

And now we come full circle, back to dead-reckoning systems, the future of navigation, which works in buildings, underwater, and underground as well as under a clear sky. The big difference is we now have (or almost have) highly precise inertial sensors that someone other than the military can afford.

Comment: Not so new (Score 1) 557 557

Embed tubing in floors to support radiant heating from whatever source (solar, earth-source heat pump, basement fusion reactor...).

Conduit/guides in every wall to allow for easy installation later of whatever wiring/small diameter pipes might be wanted.

Structure built with security in mind... strong frames around exterior doors and windows, exterior doors that open outwards, upper windows not easily reachable from the ground, ground floor/basement windows with some structure (bars, or very narrow openings, perhaps), consider best locations for security cameras.

Metallic layer in exterior walls to thwart through-wall imaging devices.

Even if every room is heated/cooled without forced air, you'll still want a good ventilation system. Homes without that get stuffy.

Comment: Wrong tool. (Score 1) 263 263

They were issued a Swiss Army Knife when they really needed just a simple knife. A no-frills ereader such as a Nook Simple Touch would have been more appropriate, more reliable, and longer-lasting battery-wise. Need to do something else? Provide another device. You didn't replace all the cockpit instruments with one menu-based screen, because it would be stupid to do so. Likewise with the handheld device.

Comment: Well... (Score 5, Interesting) 208 208

I haven't paid much attention lately to IBM.

That out of the way, this: historically IBM produced low-defect software. The UIs were often clunky or even bizarre, but the stuff was stable and did as advertised. Meanwhile most newcomers (MS, for example) produced horribly buggy stuff. Not saying revising how they do things wouldn't help, but adopting what everyone else is doing is going to result in... what everyone else is producing. Not a worthwhile goal.

Comment: good news (Score 1) 125 125

Apparently most people have no idea about the appropriate use of high beams and auxiliary lights, manufacturers just keep making headlights brighter and more dazzling, and governments require them to be mounted higher rather than lower, resulting in oncoming drivers being blinded. In light of all this, automating the lighting systems could help, given that oncoming lighting is just getting worse every year.

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