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Comment Don't recall... (Score 1) 123

...when I last walked into any kind of store on Black Friday. It must have been at least 20 years ago. Occasionally I'll see something I'd like to give someone earlier in the year and buy it—I like doing that. Other than that, I shop when I am looking for something in particular, on no particular day. I really don't see why anything cares anything about what's going on during Black Friday except for those poor souls working retail. I do object to the junk retailers starting their sales on TG Day, only because I know most of the retail employees don't really have a choice of whether to work that day, and people deserve a day off in sync with their families, if they want it.

Comment Re:Go back (Score 2) 290

I would be willing to flag Yahoo as an exception to ad blocking IF the ads were tolerable—basically what you said, no animation, sound, pop-under/over, mouseover, etc. And the percent of real estate taken by the ads needs to be reasonable. I'm not anti-ad, just anti-obnoxious ad ("obnoxious" being in the eye of the beholder, yes). But as of reading this piece of news, I'm already considering what impacts I'll see if/when I abandon Yahoo.

Comment Simple, not cheap or convenient (Score 1) 197

Best option is a much larger screen, farther away. At home, use your 40"+ TV. Get a laptop with a larger screen, but don't run it at maximum resolution. Unfortunately Windows doesn't do scaling well, so you just have to reduce the screen resolution. Easiest fix for most websites is to tell Firefox or whatever not to let the site choose background color, and choose grey yourself. Some sites don't work well with this. Tell them so and why they need to respect your background choice.

Comment not "felt" (Score 1) 103

"...many felt Betamax was the superior format..." No. Beta was demonstrably the superior format. VHS didn't become the dominant format because of longer recording times, that was just salesmen's selling point to counter the quality argument, it became dominant because there were a lot of companies spending a lot more on promotion, and I don't mean just advertising. A lot of salesmen could make more by selling VHS decks, so naturally they pushed them over Beta. Also, Sony was nastier about licensing. JVC/Matsushita was more lenient. An example: when JVC introduced VHS HQ, it included 4 enhancements. JVC decks had them all, but to label a unit "HQ", it only had to have 1 of the 4, so many companies just did the cheap thing and incorporated 1 or 2. Not until SVHS came along did VHS have an effective and consistent minimum quality standard. Of course, Sony countered SuperVHS with ED Beta, which again had demonstrably better picture quality.

Comment slant (Score 1) 162

"...less as transportation than a tool for the connected class."

The idea of which immediately makes it far less interesting than Tesla. Besides... what's the "connected class"? The majority of the population now, wouldn't that be?

If not Apple, this does smell like a similar mindset. The one thing that Apple has done right in the past is pretty much what Tesla (and Fisker, less successfully) already did with autos—maintain some purity of design in the face of compromising forces. So there's not a new niche here to exploit.

Comment Re:vehicular traffic (Score 1) 151

On the other hand... when the guy with the tractor moved away, I mentioned what he'd done with the tractor and hay ride to the new owners of the house and they said, in a rather nasty tone, "We don't celebrate Halloween." Ok, fine, I don't care, and I didn't need to know that. Another neighbor was so afraid someone would ring his doorbell that he stretched police tape all around his front porch and parked trash cans across his driveway and sidewalk, completely blocking access. Did nobody suggest he just leave his porch lights off? These spoil-sports needn't cause any concern for the rest—unless it's a majority. In which case I'd consider moving away.

Comment vehicular traffic (Score 2) 151

Probably can't legally just block vehicular traffic in many neighborhoods, but IMO one of the biggest annoyances and detractors of Halloween fun is a bunch of SUVs carrying Trick'R'Treaters around house-to-house. Discourage driving and encourage walking in the neighborhood. Those wanting to visit a neighborhood with more activity need to go there, park, and walk around.

That said, for a couple of years a neighbor with a tractor and flat trailer loaded it with straw bales and carted a dozen or so kids on the street around house-to-house (at a very slow speed). Aside from the crowds ringing the doorbells all at once, it went very well and those kids, now around 20, still recall how much fun they had.

This year a number of neighbors dragged their metal firepits around to the front and built fires in them, then sat nearby in lawn chairs handing out candy. I plan to do the same next year (include some decorations/costumes, of course). It really encouraged escorts as well as the kids to socialize and have a good time.

Comment So a new bomber would differ how? (Score 1) 237

What could they want that an "evolution" B2 couldn't be? The other option is something like what the US almost built 45 years ago—the XB-70. The B1 was always a boondoggle and only has a very narrow effective mission profile (terrain-hugging approaches). The B2 wasn't used in a number of battles because it was so expensive and there were so few that it wasn't worth the risk of losing one. Nope, attacking with a large number of cheap drones—not necessarily remotely piloted—is the method that will work in the future. Overwhelm defenses, not fight them on their terms.

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