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Comment: Re:Human flourishing is the ultimate "profit" (Score 2) 113

by Drinian (#44859743) Attached to: Doctorow: Rivalry Keeps Google From Doing Evil

It is true that people may be content to advance at the expense and misery of others. In fact, it is rather common today, even in cultures that have a history of other-centered ethics (virtue), to glamorize such behavior (precisely because in those cultures there is an active abandonment of the foundations that produced them). And it is all done with the logic you suggest: "What is me and mine is right and good."

The problem with that is how we treat the one is how we will treat the many, and people know this. So, if you can abuse someone we both think is in our mutual "outgroup" I quietly know that you have the capability to do it to anyone, even those in your "ingroup" which includes me. "Us four and no more...and it might only be three of us."

Evil has a corrosive effect that cannot be limited to my "enemies." That's why integrity really does matter.

Comment: Human flourishing is the ultimate "profit" (Score 3, Insightful) 113

by Drinian (#44857511) Attached to: Doctorow: Rivalry Keeps Google From Doing Evil
Generally speaking, it's almost always more profitable in the long run to be ethical. As in most things, there are exceptions. Also, profitability has to be thought of in a broader way to accurately understand this issue. Human flourishing is the ultimate "profit" which includes wholeness in relationships which is always destroyed by being "evil".

Comment: Apple, please help. (Score 1) 198

by Drinian (#30952766) Attached to: Denmark Chooses OpenDocument Format
I wish Apple would make ODF more standard in its products (like in iPhone OS built in document viewers, etc.). That would go a long way to seeing widespread adoption. It's the 21st century for heaven's sake. I can't believe we haven't adopted an open standard for our documents yet. This is really becoming a pain.

Comment: Kiosk - many uses (Score 2, Insightful) 140

by Drinian (#28211451) Attached to: Arrington's Web Tablet Nearly Ready For Launch?
One use I'd deploy right now is a scheduling kiosk for our fleet. We have a fleet of vehicles and we use pen and paper to schedule their use. I'd love to install one of these next to the key box and have a networked scheduling web app running on it. That way if you're at the key box you can schedule or you could do it from your workstation. Or I could put one next to a common space phone and set it to browse our intranet. Or use it as a wall mounted closed circuit tv monitor. All kinds of uses...

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Drinian writes: "At times it seems like the patent system is actively working to stop innovation and punish, rather than reward, those who create breakthroughs. The granting of low quality patents has increased patent litigation which is becoming an industry in its own right. Relief is on the way. Here is a good article about the patent reform bills passing through congress."
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