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Comment: Re:Maybe the aliens are just as religious (Score 1) 534

by Drgnkght (#48040543) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Agreed, anyone who claims we, humanity, survived contact in Childhood's End needs to read the book again. Humanity was at best absorbed. Anyone who accepted the offer was human in appearance only as a personal preference. (And the ability to choose is basically a lie. No matter how often you chose "No" the offer was always there. The sphere wasn't leaving until there were no more humans to accept.)

Comment: Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 491

I recall seeing a gzip archive that that was specifically crafted to extract itself. Basically so a virus scanner would recursively extract the same file. It was intended to function similarly to a fork bomb if I recall correctly. (That was a long time ago though, and such an attack would no longer be functional. Virus scanners have wised up to such tactics.)

And as the GGP stated there are the wonderful zip bombs such as But 100 GB? Ha! Try 4.5 petabytes of useless garbage.

Comment: Re:The Truth is Never Libelous (Score 2) 303

by Drgnkght (#43507325) Attached to: British Woman's Twitter Comments Spark Expensive Libel Claims

I'm surprised the USA hasn't adopted UK style libel laws. Just think how much money the lawyers would make!! And almost all politicians are former lawyers, you'd think they'd look out for their buddies.

Why would they make it easier for their political opponents to sue them? It'd make election time a lot quieter that's for certain.

Comment: Re:How does TOS affect YOU? (Score 1) 305

by Drgnkght (#42793979) Attached to: Piriform Asks BleachBit To Remove Winapp2.ini Importer

That could be an issue, but it seems highly unlikely in this case. Having taken a look at the winapp2.ini from (the file isn't made by ccleaner as best I can tell.) there wouldn't have been any need to reverse-engineer anything. It is an incredibly simple format. Below is one entry from the file. It seems fairly representative. I cannot image he'd need to reverse-engineer their software to figure out what it meant.

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