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Comment: "Do more with less" is the mantra (Score 2) 405

by Drewdad (#49653041) Attached to: Is IT Work Getting More Stressful, Or Is It the Millennials?

I hear it all the time from vendors and at conferences. "IT is being expected to do more with less."

Our IT budget has been flat for five years, and we're supporting double the number of employees.

Do we have difficult users? Yes. I haven't noticed any correlation between difficulty and age, though.

Comment: Re:wrong assumptions (Score 1) 892

Yup. Or older and more experienced....

I'm much more comfortable negotiating now (mid-forties) than I was when I was younger. I'm more comfortable keeping my cards close to my chest, too.

This goes for everything... cars, houses, jobs, etc. Car salesman asks me where I live? Nope. Those car ads about "bring in your W2?" Nope. Employer asks for salary history? Nope.

Comment: Re:Negotiation (Score 1) 892

Salary negotiation starts long before a company makes an offer, so I don't really see how a "take it or leave it" approach is going to help.

Figuring out a position's value to the business is hard. Finding out what the prospect makes now and offering incrementally above it is easy.

Comment: Penetration testing vs. vulnerability scanning (Score 1) 205

by Drewdad (#49240595) Attached to: Ask Slashdot - Breaking Into Penetration Testing At 30

Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning are not the same thing.

It's not difficult to make vulnerability scanning a "value add", and then consult on how to fix the issues found. It's also a way to get your foot in the door to do more work, if you can create a good relationship with the client. Vulnerability scanning is reasonably easy (there are online services that you can resell). It's a good place to start, while you ramp up your skills.

Penetration testing is considerably more technical, and it can cause problems with the relationship to the client. The whole point of a penetration test is to show that the admins have egg on their faces.... And not just admins, since you can also test physical security if the project is scoped right. (Google "how I legally robbed a bank.")

It's entirely possible to provide both services. A blue team for for vulnerability scanning and remediation, and a red team for true penetration testing.

Comment: Re:growth is good... (Score 1) 155

by Drewdad (#48753951) Attached to: The Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means For Amazon's Future

"and these trust fund babies are below average"

Well, usually they're closer to the average than their parents. That doesn't necessarily make them below average.

(Although we're speaking in very general terms, and we haven't defined what we're measuring, or how we're measuring it, or what "average" looks like....)

"The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected." -- The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972