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Comment Re:Enterprise Storage (Score 1) 219

Replication is not backup. I cannot stress this enough.

I know of major companies that depended on replication and ignored backup, and then the original copy gets corrupted and the corruption gets replicated to the recovery sites.

Now if you're doing SAN snapshots, and replicating those, then you might be covered, but mounting one of those snaps, and recovering some portion of your data, can be a real pain in the behind.

Comment Cisco SOHO routers will do it (Score 1) 173

Cisco devices have a feature called VTI - virtual tunnel interface. Basically it's an IPSec-protected GRE tunnel, but it looks like just another interface on the router.

Then you just set up your routing rules. Policy-based routing will allow you make decisions based on the source IP.

This stuff works great in a SOHO environment. Doesn't scale well, though.

Comment "Do more with less" is the mantra (Score 2) 405

I hear it all the time from vendors and at conferences. "IT is being expected to do more with less."

Our IT budget has been flat for five years, and we're supporting double the number of employees.

Do we have difficult users? Yes. I haven't noticed any correlation between difficulty and age, though.

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