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Comment Re:Netflix is Tanking Hard (Score 1) 293

I've watched a few TV series I never saw when they originally came out (just got caught up on Hell on Wheels on Netflix). I really like the streaming for this as I might try a show I wouldn't take time to order a DVD for otherwise. Though I agree it is becoming harder to find anything the longer I have the service. If it all becomes original Netflix programming on the other hand (all due respect to Marco Polo) I'll probably just drop streaming and go DVD only.

Comment Re:I sense a great disturbance in the force... (Score 2) 325

As if millions of birds suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly burned to a crisp.

Unfortunately most of them ran into windows and cats before they got there. A few managed to land on a live wire, get hit by a car or eat some poisoned plants first. One amazing bird managed to successfully fly through a wind turbine to reach its destination of concentrated solar power.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 177

Waaaaaay ahead of you:

I've got a yoga thinkpad that can be taken apart to change the hard drive (put a spare SSD in mine), upgrade the memory or (gasp) replace the battery so the device isn't worthless in a couple years. The yoga thinkpad is only available in sizes up to 15.6" but for me 18" is too large (had an ASUS 17.3" lap monster at one point, awesome machine but never again)

I had bought an Android tablet four years ago for teaching. I like the low profile device for keeping notes without ruffling a bunch of papers around. Now the battery is so fried it only last a short time and Android updates appear to have overwhelmed the device. So I've moved to flex laptops that can do everything a tablet can, plus everything a laptop can, are still upgradeable and MS at least doesn't kill older hardware with newer OSes (at least as badly as Android seems to).

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