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Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 583

If you're relying on reflective paint, what about fallen trees, deer, pot holes, other debris and road users not coated in reflective paint? If someone is using the road and relying on the lines to keep them on the route, then they are using the road unsafely.

We can't fix all problems, therefore, we shouldn't fix any problems!

If fixing a problem makes another problem far worse, let's just ignore that other problem!

Comment Re:"85%" (Score 1) 582

You never said your house qualified as a residential area. That law has upped the speed limit on plenty of four lane streets that have lots of houses with driveways on those streets.

I don't have time to track down the specific law as everything comes up with discussions about upping our highway speed limits to 80 and it was about four or five years ago the city I live in was forced by the state to up the speed limit on a number of streets for the 85% law (maybe it is a regulation or something).

Comment Re:"85%" (Score 1) 582

"Plenty of research has shown that the safest group of vehicles are traveling at or below the 85th to 90th percentiles. At the 85th to 90th percentiles we tend to find drivers with above average skill and competence, and this is why their crash risk is the lowest. Above the 90th percentile we tend to find drivers exceeding safe limits and their accident risk increases as a consequence. Note that the "average" driver at the 50% percentile has a greater crash risk than the 85th percentile driver. Below the 30th percentile crash risk is significantly increased and these speeds tend to be used by less skilled and competent drivers."

Comment Re:"85%" (Score 1) 582

If I remember correctly, the Michigan law is that the speed limit must be set so that 85% (maybe 65%?) of the traffic is driving at or under the speed limit. Unless the street has a certain number of driveways per mile, in that case it can be considered residential and have a 25 MPH speed limit.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 582

Pray tell how do you drive down a side road like this comfortably at over 25 MPH? If the google map image comes across right, the image shown is when there are hardly any cars parked. Often the street has cars parked on both sides for multiple houses with barely enough gap between to get a normal size car in between.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

The street I used to live on was one of the only non-boulevarded streets going into a quarter square mile residential area. Everyone drives 35+ despite it being a residential street with barely even two lanes. The city's preferred way of dealing with this? Put in 25 MPH speed limit signs with flags on them. Seriously, does anyone not know you are supposed to go 25 MPH on a residential side road?

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 270

Not to mention those blazingly faster new phones don't mean much to many consumers. I bought a Galaxy S5 to replace my 2.5 year old Motorola Droid about two years ago. Yeah it was faster, it could run some games that were more pretty than the old phone, I didn't really care. My Galaxy S5 is almost out of its 2 year contract and I was going to go to prepay since I had no interest in upgrading. Now that Verizon isn't paying for new phones but hardly dropped the cost of subscription, I'm definitely taking my Galaxy S5 (that has a replaceable battery, so that doesn't automatically end its life) to a prepay plan and using it until it stops running.

Comment Re:Underweight layperson (Score 1) 108

Or eat 1500-2000 calories per day (often toward the lower end) and exercise a little less vigorously. Yeah I'm not quite as healthy but between work, teaching a night class and wife I don't have as much time as I'd like. I can still ride an exercise bike for a half an hour with my heart rate at 160 and not out of breath, step off the bike and my heart rate is under 120 in 2 minutes just from walking and my weight is low. I don't spend a lot of time studying health but I think I'm passably alright.

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