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Comment: Um no... (Score 1) 368

by Drethon (#47521535) Attached to: 'Just Let Me Code!'
I would not work for a company that told me to just write code. While a lot of standards and management go overboard, it is mostly about the fact that when working in the corporate environment I have almost never reworked my own code. 95%+ of what I work on is updating someone else's code and I'd rather the time and effort learning their code be saved by them following some sort of standards.

Most companies don't even spend enough time writing requirements to define what the software should do. They often focus on the most important 5% of the design and ignore the rest, then complain that what I implemented doesn't match what they didn't tell me they wanted.

Comment: Re:The death of trains (Score 1) 195

by Drethon (#47473575) Attached to: The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train
Meh, mostly in the US if something is dangerous we prefer to regulate it out of existence rather than make it safer anyway.

I do find it interesting we can design a stock car that allows the driver to walk away from a 200+ MPH collision with a brick wall and still go like a bat out of hell but not so much with trains. I suppose fuel efficiency was never a major concern with the stock car though.

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