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Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

I've found a lot of people refuse to let go of ideas if it is labeled as dumb. But that is just me. Personally I know I'm an idiot as I'm reminded daily (often by a compiler) so I try to make sure I'm not holding onto any ideas out of that idiocy. I'd say the results are partially successful.

Comment Re:Coding isn't going away soon (Score 1) 300

Writing code will go away eventually but programming will either never die, or at least take a longer time. I've noticed often as a developer, writing code is easy once you understand it. Designing and developing software, as in figuring out EXACTLY what the program needs to do and how to do it, is far more difficult than coding. A lot of people can code really well but have a hard time picturing a full system, either in their head or modeling it out using tools like UML.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

And both sides are so polite about their opinions.

I'm primarily a PC gamer because console controllers are generally painful for me on my favorite game category (building games, where mice work best for placement). I have an xbox 360 but haven't brought it out for a long time.

Comment Re:Logic (Score 1) 250

My Galaxy S5 on the other hand was in fact $25 from Verizon. This is thanks to me needing a basic data plan since my work blocks all personal e-mail websites (of which my teaching job is included). As a result my chosen plan is not a result of purchasing a smartphone so it I saved money on the phone via the contract. Now that that option is gone, I'll be looking at prepay as soon as this contract expires. Though looking at how much cheaper tracfone is, I probably should have done that sooner.

Comment Re:Nail everyone? (Score 2) 618

One thing I have learned is you always say "Can I get that in writing?". This alone stops a huge number of stupid decisions, especially when you're protesting.

That worked on one of my tasks where I was asked to do something counter to standards. After I tried to argue them down for some time, my coworker (I wish I could take credit but I've made use of this since then) simply asked for them to send us an e-mail stating what we were being asked to do. At that point, the other person's manager told him to stop asking us to do it the wrong way.

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

He split his forces and decided to go south to capture oil fields.

My understanding is this is the main reason for the war expanding to two fronts. Hitler being a dolt not withstanding, if Germany had stayed out of Russia they might have had serious trouble holding Europe without good sources of oil.

Comment Re:16GB is enough for me (Score 1) 324

I'm still trying to figure out how my 16 GB Samsung S5 is almost full when I have 3.27 GB in applications and 1.04 GB in Cached data. Miscellaneous Files has 5.5 GB but when I look at individual files there, nothing is larger than 26 MB. I think my 16 GB is half full of Verizon crap or something.

Comment Take your learning where it belongs... (Score 3, Insightful) 956

If I could tell Ahmed anything it would be keep inventing, outside of school. Apparently school is not the place for learning or inventing and is actively hostile to this. If you keep learning outside of school, you will become successful while the school, and those who don't learn for themselves, will keep falling behind.

Comment Re:Thank you (Score 2) 283

This student got a 4.0 in a CS Master's degree while mining in Eve Online during most each class. If I try to take notes on paper and focus on what the professor is saying I'll end up with most going in one ear and out the other while my mind wanders and when I try to focus I only get meaningless words. If I play a game that takes limited focus I was less distracted and able to think about the concepts rather than the words. I tried MxO at one point also but active participation games did not work well for me.

Comment Re:As the saying goes: "God don't make no junk" (Score 0) 591

To me there are equal odds to the universe existing with or without a creator. The odds of things being created the way they have with a creator is greater than without. But odds have a tendency to do weird things every so often... I wonder if there are universes with creators and ones without.

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