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Comment: Re:Police are right; easyDNS response is drama-que (Score 2) 251

by Dretep (#45074719) Attached to: Police Demand Summary Domain Takedown, Traffic Redirection
Has EasyDNS even actually contacted London UK police to verify this is legit? Could just be the "competing commercial online music services based out of London, UK" spoofing the police to drum up business. How could the police expect traffic to be redirected? Sounds phishy...

Comment: Stay strong EasyDNS! (Score 1) 251

by Dretep (#45074461) Attached to: Police Demand Summary Domain Takedown, Traffic Redirection
Um, why don't they just contact the hosting provider or IP-block owner to takedown the site if they suspect illegal activity? The domain is just an 'easier' way for people to access the site. If EasyDNS succumbs to this I'll have to seriously think about moving to another registrar. Not that I'm running anything quesitonable but what if a user in one of my domains sends something questionable and is investigated by police and orders EasyDNS to takedown my domain... Food for thought.

Comment: utter hogwash... (Score 1) 911

by Dretep (#32116234) Attached to: iPad Is Destroying Netbook Sales
The feminine computing product that Aqqle released is not destroying netbook sales, notebook sales are destroying netbook sales. Heck, I was going to buy my wife a netbook last Christmas when I found a notebook by the same manufacturer for the same price with better processor, more RAM, DVD drive, larger display and full size keyboard. Netbooks looked like a good deal and were something new a few years ago but they're outdated now. Aqqle's iPad will fair the same, until the iTampon comes out...

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