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Comment Re:"Automatic" Weapon? (Score 3, Interesting) 312

The regulation is clear on this point (so I'm told, anyway, I haven't read it myself), because the *device* at that point has nothing mechanically preventing multiple bullets from firing per "manual action" (the button push in this case), it becomes a NFA weapon.

Essentially, you've got a "manual" operation, a "trigger" operation, and a firing of a round. In a conventional firearm use the manual operation and the trigger operation are the same. Mechanically at that point (in the normal firearm), the firearm prevents multiple rounds from being fired per manual action (by requiring a trigger release, and re-pulling it).

When you're using a solenoid for the trigger-pull, you lose the "connection" between the manual operation and the firing of rounds that is necessary to remain NFA-compliant.

Comment Re:"Automatic" Weapon? (Score 5, Interesting) 312

Solenoid driven trigger pulls (such as used here) do, in fact, require an NFA tax stamp as an automatic weapon. It's a regulation designed around the scenario you describe (push button once, solenoid opens and closes repeatedly).

Almost certainly, that's what the Feds are investigating now, determining the exact details on how the gun was fired (that it did in fact use a solenoid-trigger-pull, etc.).

In other words, it may not be an FAA violation, but it's almost certainly a (probably-accidental) ATF violation.

Comment Re:American Citizen (Score 1) 334

It's a common topic in other forums. There's some very edge cases where it's permissible (dual-citizen, intoxication if you can believe that) but otherwise, your passport entitles you to entry.

Your *stuff* on the other hand is a whole different thing (importing of goods, etc., etc.), but you, yourself, have a near-absolute right to entry.

Comment Mega (Score 2, Informative) 107

If you get rid of the mobile requirement, http://mega.co.nz/ might be the solution for you.

Specifically designed by Kim Dotcom's folks so that they CANNOT access your data (so they don't tell if you've got financial paperwork or pirated movies). Has a method for sync'ing a local unencrypted filesystem into their cloud architecture.

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