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Comment: Re:NoScript (Score 1) 731

by DragonTHC (#45995743) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

We shouldn't have to use it.

There's a change coming on the Internet. Pageviews are a useless metric. Clicks are done for.

True value lays in the userbase. User capital is the new currency. And not selling to advertisers. The single carefully formed tweet, pin, or *sigh* FB wall post can be worth thousands to the right company. What kind of users follow you? Who wants a crack at those users.

I haven't seen an intrusive ad in almost a decade. They are dead. They are a complete waste of money. Banners are done.

The stuff I block with adblock shouldn't be seen for a reason. I block it for a reason. It's already the third tier Internet. It's one step above Nigerian prince email.

Comment: Re:I never got the fascination with AMD/ATI (Score 1) 111

by DragonTHC (#45603361) Attached to: Retail Radeon R9 290X Graphics Cards Slower Than AMD's Press Samples

perhaps, but this is typical of AMD and ATI products ranging all the way back to my experiences with Athlons and the ATI Rage 128 graphics card.

Their hardware just isn't as stable as Intel or Nvidia. And that's my experience with 4 different AMD systems over the years. When you put an intel computer on the same power supply, stability just happens.

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by DragonTHC (#45300165) Attached to: Tech Titans Oracle, Red Hat and Google To Help Fix

That's a valid analogy for babies.

One person could have designed, programmed, and coded the whole site, including back end in about six months, If that person were skilled.

Instead, HHS and CMS paid multi-million dollar contracts to 3 foreign corporations, who had a year and still couldn't do it.

The site was doomed by salespeople and politicians.

QSSI, who got the contract for the EIDM in 2012, evidently got it working for medicare and medicaid, but this site wasn't even coded or tested right.
CGI Federal executive went to school with Michelle Obama.
Serco, well we all know what happened to serco.

Known issues in week one:
Security questions for creating account not populated in drop-downs.
Security question input failing validation.
Email verification tokens instantly expiring.
EIDM "accidentally" resetting all passwords.
Password recovery emails not finding accounts.
Links to back end oracle database not adequate to handle requests.
AJAX grid abuse causing far more server queries than necessary.
Oracle database not load balanced causing instability.
Application forms not populating.
Application answers not validating.
Application programming errors.
Application coding errors.
Inability to edit application.
Inability to edit family members.
Inability to go backwards in application.
Faulty eligibility information regarding medicaid.

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