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Comment Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 2) 477

I could see busses going away almost entirely... Or I could also see the car taking me to a park & ride, drop me off, have the bus pick me up, and again on the other side... and as you said, the last mile is solved. I could see the car loading itself onto a car carrier, and that carrier going somewhere. I could see automatic carpooling services, where if we were going to the same concert, and you were near my route to the venue, that it'd automatically pick you up along the way. There are so many possibilities there's no way I can really form through conjecture.

Comment Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 4, Informative) 477

The handicapped, elderly, and young who are currently limited in terms of autonomy will have much better access to the world outside their home.
Every car could become an ambulance
Car ownership will take on looser terms: If I'm going to bed now, and won't need the car until morning, why can't it act as a taxi? If many people have idle cars acting as taxis, why do I need a car?
What effect with this have on mass transit?

Comment Some thoughts (Score 1) 698

Try not to do anything that gets yourself killed or maimed
Think twice before doing anything that could get you imprisoned or pregnant
Everything else is fair game

Do what makes you happy, even if it's just on the weekends
Forgive yourself
Stay curious
Give a shit
Take a risk
Fail early, fail often, learn constantly
Don't be afraid to ask the stupid question
Abandon perfection
Shut up and listen
Take breaks
Reject assholes
Pay attention
Omit unnecessary words
Accept criticism only after analyzing it critically
Be wrong
Use your vacation time
Once you have food, water, and shelter, more money will not make you happier
Time is the only resource we have, make the most of it

Comment Re:Um. WRONG. (Score 1) 323

No. Music industry has shown this to be false. Now that I can get good music for a reasonable price without DRM, it's much less hassle to go buy it then pirate it. More than anything, I am lazy and want simple. If you provide that to me at a reasonable cost, I'll happily pay it.

Comment Re:Companies aren't passionate about you... (Score 1) 533

I've worked for a number of companies. Many have treated their employees as disposable. Some have not. I've lasted much longer, and done better work, at those that have not. I've found that working for companies that don't have stockholders much preferable to those companies that do. The best places I've worked are a) non-profits (Again, the paycheck is only 95% of high-end competitive. 5% is a price I'm willing to pay for a non-shit work environment), and b) Companies small enough that you actually know the owner.

Comment Re:Always looking for passionate programmers (Score 1) 533

Hi.. The OP you're quoting here:

Yes, what you've talked about is what I've experienced in for-profit industry... But here at a non-profit research lab, it's not like that at all.

Freedom to study/use new technologies so long as they apply to your projects. Crunch time is 45-50 hours a week, and so far I've only had 3 weeks of crunch time in the last year. Salaries aren't super-duper awesome, but they are competitive, but they also have the best benefit package I've seen anywhere.

Also, I don't have employees: I'm just a developer now. I gave up management to go back to developing, because I ~am~ a passionate developer. There is an extremely strong technical track here which will likely allow me to remain a developer for the rest of my career, if that's what I choose.

These great jobs in software ~are~ out there... You have to find them, and be the kind of person they want to hire.

Variables don't; constants aren't.