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Comment Re:Draconian family planning? (Score 1) 279

Overpopulation HAS already happened. humans breed at an exponential rate. Have you never even visited California?? You can throw a rock from one house to another everywhere except national parks. That is 158,648 square miles of 40 million people. That's about 4 thousands of a square mile to every person. How is that NOT over populated? They have power and water shortages, how is that NOT overpopulation? Food prices for even the most offensive parts of an animal (offal) have skyrocketed to astronomical proportions. How is that NOT overpopulation?

Now this is disappointing news on a couple of levels. First and foremost is the fact that China (the world leader in population control) has backed off. This is disappointing because it gave credence to communism. It's always important to be able to see the benefits (as well as the detriments) of an alternative political structure. I'm no fan of communism, but at times it has appeared to be capable of getting the hard issues at least addressed. Issues where democracy often fails. Not that democracy is a failure, just that it has it's weaknesses. Blindly following any given political structure is at best idiotic. Knowing and acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of a political construct is vital to it's very continued existence.

Now on another level, this will only give democracy advocates false fodder for their endless campaigns of back patting. While doing nothing to address the real issues. The primary of which is global warming. An issue of where all of the "scientists" insist is human caused. Whether it is or is not is completely irrelevant. The fact that it is happening is relevant. However the root cause of the situation is obvious. It's not WHAT people are doing that is the cause of the problem. Its HOW MANY people are doing it that IS the problem. So ANY global warming "solution" that does not address global population control will be completely ineffective and ultimately pointless.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 121

Actually, although probably worded a bit on the extreme side. You do have some good points.
- Windows 8 was a poor design, but it was better than Windows 7.
- Software as a service is something that I too am completely annoyed with.
- UEFI is to this day a uniquely HORRIBLE concept, and I'm surprised the government hasn't stepped in on this one.
- H1B worker expansion is a complete joke, I think Congress is finally waking up to this inescapable fact. But then they never cease to astound me with their stupidity.
- Yearly new Windows is a lame way of milking the cow I suppose.

The one point that I may disagree is the toughscreen issue. Personally I think Microsoft totally dropped the ball on this. As a long time computer user, I personally want as many ways as possible to interface with the computer. With my tablet (which I carry everywhere) the touchscreen is my primary interface. However I do get frustrated with said touchscreen and do say "oh heck just give me a real computer" when I need to do a lot of typing or manipulating. So I guess I kind of do agree with you on that point.

Comment Food for thought (Score 2) 121

Ok, so NOBODY ever leaves a position of power and/or authority of their own will. History is replete with a plethora of examples of this. The only way people leave positions of power is by force. Usually arrest, assassination, or execution. So WHO has enough power to force these MICROSOFT executives to leave? I find the explanation that they did so of their own free will not supported by history. I'm also quite aware that they will be paid handsomely to leave, but this is always just a front to make the appearance of an amicable separation. Please realize that Elop, unarguably, RUINED Nokia in order to get on the board of Microsoft. He left THOUSANDS of employees without jobs. So who has enough power to dethrone a person of this ruthless character?

Comment Global Warming is a complete joke. (Score 0) 497

Ok so the idiot US government is wasting time debating something completely aside from the point so that they don't have to deal with the real issue. Whether or not global warming is human caused is a dodge. Because IF global warming is affected by man the root problem is global population. It isn't what people are doing that is affecting the climate it's HOW MANY people that are doing it that IS affecting the climate. Human population growth is exponential. So the time to do something about population control has already come and gone. So attempting to do something about global warming is an object lesson in futility.

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