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Comment: Re:HOLY ASTROTURFING FATMAN!!! (Score 1) 139

by DrPeper (#48627053) Attached to: California Sues Uber Over Practices

Right. So just because you can use 3 syllable words, you appear to be much more intelligent than everyone else, right? I really don't think that you considered the obvious leniency of all the comments posted against Uber/Lyft on this post. Nor did you stop to consider the implications of such. You simply undermined and poo-poo'd my observation, which is EXACTLY what one would expect from an Astroturfer. Which, I believe, has been quite evident to everyone reading these comments.

Furthermore, you immediately assumed that I was Pro Uber/Lyft, which if you re-READ my comments, I did not make such statements. So that only furthers the incrimination of your intents. Again, I believe the readers can obviously tell who the less than intelligent person is on this thread.

Comment: Re:This isn't a betting matter. (Score 1) 574

by DrPeper (#48574141) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

Seriously this is a less than intelligent argument. Let's try to stay on one subject and not distract ourselves with big bright shiny objects shall we?

So when have you had a conversation with a HAL 9000 device. Was it recently? Where exactly did you have this conversation? Where is this device/machine exactly?

Comment: WRONG, just plain WRONG. (Score 1) 417

by DrPeper (#48574081) Attached to: AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us

Oren Etzioni's premise is incorrect. We (humans) equate intelligence in conjunction with emotion. Ethics, morality, a sense of right and wrong are emotionally based, but still equated with intelligence. An artificial intelligence (machine?) will have no such limitations, and thus will have no problems reasoning that the extinction of human existence is an appropriate action.

Comment: This isn't a betting matter. (Score 1) 574

by DrPeper (#48507019) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity

The whole point of this theoretical debate isn't about betting. Saying that you bet it isn't (going to be a life altering matter) is an idiotic statement in and of itself. This isn't a bet you want to make, because if you lose the bet you've lost humanity. Belittling and poo-poo-ing the ramifications of AI is a losing bet in and of itself. Just because we aren't there yet does not mean that one day we will not be there. Rollo Carpenter has completely missed the entire point of the debate.

Comment: To really cut emissions we need population control (Score 1) 491

by DrPeper (#47874565) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

Instead of band-aid's and pointless get rich quick schemes, population control is the ultimate problem. It isn't what people are doing, it's how many people are doing it that is the real issue. Failure to see this fact and to belittle or marginalize it are anti-productive.

Comment: What on earth would be the purpose for this? (Score 1) 176

by DrPeper (#47560331) Attached to: Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

Ok first off, the agencies in question repeatedly have shown no compunction what-so-ever to following ANY laws. They certainly will not follow this one. On top of that all they have to do is say "National Security" and the point it moot. So someone please tell me why this is anything other than political band-standing, a complete waste of taxpayer money, and completely idiotically pointless.

Comment: And now for the improperly spun article of the day (Score 2) 77

by DrPeper (#47483879) Attached to: Wearable Robot Adds Two Fingers To Your Hand

Ok, so I read the snippet of the article and got one image in my mind, then when I went to the article and saw the picture... Let's just say less than impressive. Those aren't fingers those are sticks.

Wake me when I can strap two extra tentacle like arms with actually human(ish) hands on the end of them to my back. Oh and they should be partially intelligent too.

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