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Comment: Re:bad for standards (Score 2) 186

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#47515291) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264
It also still doesn't give anyone permission to generate their own h.264 video files (outside of webrtc "video-chatting" inside the browser) legally without paying someone a patent "poll-tax" for permission, so this is still "consume-only".

I'm also under the impression that there are,absurdly, potential patent-license issues with the .mp4 file format that h.264 video is most often stored in.

Finally, of course unless the usual obstructionist Apple and Microsoft ever implement opus codec support, this also doesn't give you the legal ability to include sound (mp3 or aac, typically, for h.264 videos) with the video. Hope everybody likes silent movies...

Comment: Formats supported? (Score 1) 89

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#47291233) Attached to: Mozilla Is Working On a Firefox OS-powered Streaming Stick

I suspect I can safely assume that it'll be easy for anyone (e.g. MediaGoblin or other projects) to write an interface to it. Can we also safely assume it'll support all media formats that Firefox supports natively (i.e. .ogg [vorbis], .ogv [theora/vorbis], .webm [vp8/vorbis], .opus [opus audio in ogg], and .webm version 2 [vp9/opus])?

(and, seriously, why doesn't Mozilla throw in with MediaGoblin, or perhaps start a similar project to help end-users host their own "content"? It seems like an obvious direction for Mozilla's heavy emphasis on "web video" these days.)

Comment: Re:The "Proprietary Codec" guy? (Score 2) 112

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#46569775) Attached to: JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla
Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to... :-)
(If h.264/mp3/aac was the only issue I wouldn't be all that worried, but the "ORBX.js" followup makes it seem like Eich doesn't really care beyond "as long as 'consumers' don't have to pay money to 'consume', who cares if 'producing' is by proprietary permission only?")

+ - MediaGoblin devs: "Mad about government censorship? Do something about it."

Submitted by paroneayea
paroneayea (642895) writes "Responding to recent news that YouTube is giving the UK Government tools to broadly flag even legal videos on YouTube for takedown, the MediaGoblin developers have made a call to arms: "Mad about Government censorship? Let's do something about it." The MediaGoblin crew are currently running a campaign for federation and privacy features, including expanding federation tools like PyPump to make adding federation easier for all sorts of python web applications."

Comment: Re:why does a decoder need execheap? (Score 2) 212

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#46435081) Attached to: <em>Portal 2</em> Incompatible With SELinux
That makes more sense - never mind "why does it need execheap", I was wondering why a game developer would be using mp3 files in the first place. Looks like "Miles Sound System" handles Ogg Vorbis as well, in addition to the various mixing/filtering/positioning functions in it.

Comment: Re:We're fixing this (Score 1) 333

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#46340849) Attached to: How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

(Excuse the following mini-rant: the last day or two I've been finding my ability to "get into" FirefoxOS quite frustrating, as described here)

I'm hopeful. I'd like to try it and see, and more importantly, learn to participate directly, but I'm finding it impossible because I'm too cash-poor to pay even $200-300 for a new phone or tablet (e.g. the Geeksphone Revolution), and there doesn't seem to be any other way to get a real FirefoxOS device in the US (where I am), an in any case being stuck in an area with only CDMA coverage, a FirefoxOS "phone" seems unavailable anyway, making that kind of money hard to justify even if I had it available.

I could come up with $25-50 for a device to learn on, but I can't have one. The ongoing announcements of affordable devices seemingly everywhere else but where I could use one feels pretty frustrating.

I also feel like an idiot because I can't seem to find any useful technical information about FirefoxOS at a level between "try to read the raw source code" and the very attractive but not very informative brochureware at .

It's frustrating: I'm too poor to buy a special-order device, and too "rich" (by global standards) to be able to buy the devices most recently announced. I'm too "smart" to get the information I want (from the brochureware) and too "stupid" (from the source) at the same time.

If I don't shut up here this is going to turn into a tedious, incoherent essay, so I will.

+ - Canonical to force Linux Mint to license Ubuntu binary packages?-> 1

Submitted by Dega704
Dega704 (1454673) writes "DistroWatch has a very disturbing report about Canonical possibly trying to force Linux Mint to license Ubuntu binary packages.

        "Clem claims he has been asked by Canonical's legal department to license the binary packages used by Ubuntu. To me this is a scary thought. Ubuntu is a base distribution for many projects, some of them (such as Mint and Kubuntu) are quite successful.

        Clem's statement makes me wonder if Canonical has approached other open source projects about licensing the right to access Ubuntu's package repositories. If so, what might follow? Would derivative distributions need to pay to use Canonical's packages? How would Canonical enforce such a policy, with lawyers, by blocking access to the repositories if a user isn't using Genuine Ubuntu? ""

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Comment: Well, it's a start... (Score 1) 104

by Dr.Dubious DDQ (#45551959) Attached to: Free Software Foundation Announces 2013 Holiday Giving Guide

As I see it, the FSF's biggest problem is that their obsession with "not-proprietary" actually seems to overshadow their focus on "legally free".

However, at least this list has a couple of actual things on it that actually would be generous gifts (Heck, yeah, if somebody bought me that 3D printer, I'd cope with waiting a week or two after christmas to get it, and a nice laptop computer would always be appreciated). I was half-expecting it to be ALL "Give the FSF money and tell then you did it for them!"

Optimist that I am, I actually clicked hoping for a list of hackable routers, toys, phones, etc. Silly me.

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