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Comment Re: Not to say it's unnecessary (Score 1) 843 843

I don't have statistics on hand, but since WWII, I am aware of dog fights have played into air battles of the following wars with us pilots involved:

Korean War
Vietnam War (quite famously as we thought the days of day fighting were over.)
Kosivo et al.
First Gulf War.

Guam, Afghanistan, and Gulf War II did not , too my knowledge and I and not sure if there are others I've forgotten.

Comment Re: LEOs (Score 1) 615 615

Breakdowns, flattires, hitchings or straps come loose. There's more than just "normal driving" and " turn now or die." Sure, we could detect a lot of these problems and dispatch a service vehicle, but why suffer the down time when we can have a guy right there to handle all the myrid little tasks that crop up. Hell, somebody has to pump the gas!

Comment Re: no good solution (Score 1) 848 848

I doubt the intent is to actually absorb the territory. The Crimea is the only space they actually want. This is just a buffer, either to distract focus from continuing to hold the Crimea ( best defense, is a good offense you know) with the small added possibility of generating a real buffer state during settlements out of the Eastern Ukraine past the Dnieper.

Comment Re: So what they need, then... (Score 1) 185 185

Assuming that mind transfers were easy to enough to be in our grasp, of course. After all, can you imagine how valuable it would be to an organism's offspring if the parent were able to simply transfer all its experience,into it? Not having already evolved it isn't really a convincing argument,but it's worth a thought. Then again, there is instinct which, while for more primitive and less flexible than Knowledge (as well as in most cases relying heavily on complimentary learned experience to function, contrary to popular belief), does have similar aspects. Perhaps its actually less helpful (in the long run) to do a total transfer than it is to have a mix of "relearning" and certain forms of passed knowledge like an instinct. This reminds me of a rambling bit of philosophy I recently read in a Sci-fi novel. In discussing why apparent aliens had briefly stopped on Earth before continuing on without ever making contact with anyone, the idea was considered that perhaps what we consider intelligence is infact a primitive evolution of an instinct; inefficient, prone to error but still successful. Perhaps the alien's had a more refined instinct and no longer had need of the excess of culture and irrelevant communications that ours seemingly needs. That they had no need or even ability to communicate socially and contact us.

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