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Comment: Troubling, whatever the reason it occurred (Score 1) 39

by Dr. Eggman (#44516243) Attached to: Lavabit, Email Service Snowden Reportedly Used, Abruptly Shuts Down
"Without the body and the mind, as all men know, the Nation could not live. But if the spirit of America were killed, even though the Nation's body and mind, constricted in an alien world, lived on, the America we know would have perished." ~Franklin D. Roosevelt's 3rd Inaugural address.

Regardless of whether this was the NSA strong-arming or a coincidental, legal FBI investigation, this is very troubling. How long will we let these government agencies do such harm to US IT businesses both big and small, let alone the very rights of its people? Every new instance bring seemingly irreparable harm to all three.

On the other hand, this report does smell suspiciously of a man trying to scare-up legal funds by capitalizing on current events. Does any one else get a weird John Galt vibe from this guy? Yet, it's clear that something very serious has happened here. I don't know what to think of the whole matter...

Comment: Re:Wait, what? (Score 3, Interesting) 143

by Dr. Eggman (#42255393) Attached to: Laser Fusion Put On a Slow Burn By US Government
Tiny compared to most things on day-to-day human scales. Here's an image of the pellet.

As for the reaction itself (and I probably have this wrong, so please correct me if you discover so) it would, best-case, generate 100-150 MJ, but I read the target chamber's design only allows for 45 MJ (realistic expectations, I suppose?) That amounts to 11 kg of TNT (yes this is all paraphrased from Wikipedia.) Certainly tiny by the standards of fusion/fission, but quite huge considering the pellet above.

This might not seem like much, but it is a demonstrative design. Going for designs that would produce a practical commercial system at appreciable outputs would have been astronomically more expensive. Better to prove the concept first. Still more, this is a dual purpose facility; it's primary objective is stockpile stewardship. The potential for fusion research for commercial purposes is just added value.

+ - Don't Forget: "Six Strikes" Starts this Weekend->

Submitted by Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman (932300) writes "If don't recall, then Broadband/DSL Reports is here to remind us that ISPs around the US will begin adhering to the RIAA/MPAA-fueled "Six Strikes" agreement on July 1st. Or is July 12th? Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and Cablevision are all counted among the participants. They will each introduce "mitigation measures" against suspected pirates, including: throttling down connection speeds and suspending Web access."
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