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Comment Re:Not rocket science (Score 3, Interesting) 244

It is not true that there are no indices. What this statement means is that Indices do not span tables. If you put an index on the parent, that index ONLY applies to the parent. You can put the same index on the child.

We use inheritance like this:
      \ interfaces - constraint = Interfaces only
      \ ports - constraint = Ports only
      \ memory - constraint = Memory only ...

I can select from 'components' and find everything, but I can select from interfaces and not see ports. .. Smaller tables, faster access, and yet a report can select from components to find all types of things.

Comment Ask and Oracle (Score 1) 165

The Ask toolbar is not a gray area. It's malware. Oracle knows it's malware, but they don't care. I don't even believe Talos security researchers are confused about the Ask Toolbar. They are simply afraid to go against a 600 lb. Gorilla in the industry. It takes Microsoft to force Oracle to do the right thing.

Comment Re:A better solution (Score 1) 178

A better solution is the solution proposed. This is EXACTLY the same situation as the SCO lawsuit where white collar criminals have taken a song they have nothing to do with. Warner has simply taken a song that has been in the public domain for years, hired a bunch of lawyers to find some way to make a claim to it, and then demand royalties. People don't want to hassle with the lawsuit, so they pay the ransom.

This case should be another to go to the Supreme Court, and the rampant song theft needs to be stopped. Paul McCartney does not even own his own songs because these big corporations take pride in stealing music.

Happy Birthday is the poster child for this case. The song has been in the public domain until 1935 when the criminal du jour Preston Ware Orem was able to falsely copyright a song that existed before he was born, then Warner bought him out, and now you can technically be sued for singing it to your child on their birthday.

Comment The Flat Look is UGLY! (Score 1) 305

Can someone ... ANYONE! Explain to me why in the era when we have 4k (and with iMAC 5K) displays with almost unmeasurable performance, we have to make our GUIs all flat and ugly like some kind of Windows 3.0 desktop? iPad came out, and Microsoft misread the tea leaves and instead of realizing that the PC market was a replacement market, and the table market was a new expanding market, decided the world wanted everything to be tablets, ... So as Microsoft's market share starts to drop, everyone starts to copy them with dumbed down GUIs and THEIR market share drops too (Hello Gnome and Ubuntu). Then Microsoft who still can't read tea leaves, dumbs down their flying window to make it a flat ugly square and takes away all 3D effects... So now even Apple is copying this silly trend.

I like pretty windows with 3D icons. I don't like this new "flat" look at all. It's boring and ugly. What's next gray scale? Maybe ACSII graphics!

Comment Re:NT is best (Score 2) 190

None of this matters to me. Windows is fundamentally broken on so many levels. They used the universal escape character for the path separator. You cannot assess an open file, even to read it, so you have to shut things down to do ANYTHING. The logs can only be accessed using an API, and unless you register all kinds of crazy garbage, the EventLog has a bunch of empty columns. Creating a Service is the most complicated process imaginable three layers deep.
Even the Help system has been rewritten so may times, it never works right. The shell is broken and stupid unless you use the PowerShell... and again. It's 10 pounds of technology for a 1 pound problem. PowerShell is a complete pain to deal with. The Registry is a mess. All kinds of system files are just dumped into system32.

Almost everything In Windows is a mess. I don't want anything to do with it.

Comment My Niece (Score 5, Interesting) 860

My niece came to me crying because her Windows 7 PC was reinstalling its video driver every other day, the sound didn't work half the time. It wouldn't boot sometimes. One day it just died. Wouldn't boot. I did not have a Windows 7 license around, and she couldn't do her homework. To allow her to do her homework, I put Linux Mint on it. Installed Libre Office, Skype, and a handful of teen related things she might want. I figured after a few days we would have to sort her out. and find a Windows to install.

That was a year and a half ago. You would have to pry that machine out of her cold dead hands. No viruses, no crashes, battery lasts longer than it EVER did running Windows. Her Videos work, her music works, Libre Office works. She wants nothing at all to do with Windows. She says Mint is perfect. everything works, it's responsive and nothing she needs to do is missing. She can find a tool in Linux to do anything she needs, and most of it is as good as the Windows version. I asked her the other day if she misses windows... She said she misses Windows at least as much as cancer.

Comment Re:Screen resolution for laptops? (Score 1) 319

If Apple was in trouble (and they weren't) it has been saved by Microsoft. Thanks to Windows 8, my father bought a Mac when his XP system died. He went to Best-Buy, and the Apple store, and even though it cost more, he liked the Mac better; said Windows 8 looked like a phone to him. Indiana now issues Macs to the students. Of all my friends and family who bought computers recently, 5 of them bought Macs, and only one bought a Windows 8 system... and he HATES IT! ... says he wishes he would have switched to a Mac.

As a side note, my niece had a cheap Windows 7 Laptop that kept dying. She brought it to me, and I couldn't fix it. I even re-installed Windows 7, and it lasted 3 weeks before it started crashing again. she couldn't afford a new PC, and she was crying because she couldn't do her homework. I put Linux Mint on it to tide her over until she could get a new laptop. That was a year ago. She LOVES Mint, and says she never want's to use Windows ever again.

Comment Might this be about Windows 8? (Score 3, Interesting) 64

It occurs to me that HP has seen Windows 8... Has seen consumer reaction to it. Has seen M$ trying to build their own hardware, and has seen the success of Android and iPad.

Basically M$ had the world by the balls because of the Windows infrastructure. Now they are:
o Building an OS that is fundamentally incompatible with that infrastructure.
o Screwing their business partners by building their own hardware.

HP (and everyone with a clue) knows M$ ALWAYS screws up everything they touch. (We have already seen this ... Apps already disappearing on the new surface. The OS taking most of the system resources.) .. and maybe .. just maybe has figured they better look for a better future. Maybe we just might see HP and maybe someone like Ubuntu partner to produce a reasonable alternative to Windows 8. I mean given the availability of Chrome, Skype, and Libre' Office. Ubuntu might be as compatible with Windows as Windows 8 is... If the users and businesses REALLY HATE the horribly ugly and dysfunctional Windows 8 systems... Maybe HP can say ... here buy this instead and it MIGHT just catch this time.

Of course... I don't much like the "new" (can something two years old still be called new?) Ubuntu desktop either, but I think it beats Windows 8.

Comment Slashdot is Toast (Score 4, Insightful) 320

I've just about had it. Slashdot used to be news for Nerds. Now it's almost entirely mindless bullshit, and the last straw is when spammers are permitted to confiscate the site, and Slashdot management allows it. As if it's my job to waste my mod points to mark this crap as Troll.

I am logging off, and deleting Slashdot from my home page. Have at it trolls. All yours now.

Comment Stupid Question (Score 1) 213

A 'Cloud-Based' world? WTF??? The real question should be simply .. will Windows 8 succeed. I think not. It is Microsoft's latest 'Vista' disaster.

After this fails and Microsoft can no longer give their versions names because of 'Vista', and cannot give them numbers because of Windows 8 ... Can we switch to Linux or Mac???

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