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Comment RTF(License)A (Score 1) 650


"9. RESTRICTED USE. The Microsoft software was designed for systems that do not require fail-safe performance. You may not use the Microsoft software in any device or system in which a malfunction of the software would result in foreseeable risk of injury or death to any person. This includes operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems and air traffic control."

Comment doubtful it can get out the studio into water (Score 1) 375

"All in all, it's a cool enough concept, but it is doubtful it will ever make it out the studio and into the water. " is a pull quote from one of the references mentioned at the bottom when Reading The Full Article.

This is a design project, not based on current reality. The Yanko Design web blog has LOTS of great reading... just can't go buy the stuff at Sports Authority yet...

Comment Online footprints nearly reach fingerprint parity (Score 4, Interesting) 144

Online footprints nearly reach fingerprint parity

And, since the criminals won't stop at just one crime, they can even turn around and cyber-bully the officer who took them down
-- just another casual observation on why gang members can sometime gather notoriety for being as dumb as regular social media users.

Comment Re:Don't stop your meds! (Score 1) 218

"Do you really think a comment like this makes a difference? Would any mentally ill person follow your advice?"

Yes, they would. Hearing this advice - and it's twin of "Do not adjust your own medication without doctor's okay" ARE helpful. Intellectually, we know not to fuck with our meds. However, there are times we think that we know better than ourselves.

His positive comment is a reminder that while we may be feeling better, it is NOT okay for us to stop doing what we are doing.
Just like the chiming little bell in your car if you haven't fastened your seat belt - that little nudge to be compliant with your safety might be the difference between ejection from the front seat or sore shoulders from the harness.

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