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Comment Re:Software error ... (Score 1) 234

Also, garbage collecting doesn't help for cases of handle or GDI object leaks (.NET), which can also crash the system with out of memory exceptions. I probably disagree to some extent with the concept of garbage collecting being a reaction to poor coding practice, how annoying is it to have to write delete or delete [] every time you allocate, or for that matter initialize a bunch of variables to 0 manually every single time?

Comment Re:Overall the numbers look relatively competitive (Score 1) 124

Closer to $1.2k/year, but that's also true of the domestic workers. I think you have to negotiate a salary well when you start a job, otherwise you're at the company's mercy once you join in terms of salary increase. Over the course of a few years, you either have to demonstrate capacity to be promoted, or at least function at a level well above your peers to get decent increases, in my experience.

Comment Overall the numbers look relatively competitive... (Score 2) 124

The averages reported for Microsoft, Google, and Apple ($121k, $124k, and $123k, respectively) seem to be more or less in line with what folks at my Westchester County, NY based company are making (arguably as expensive a place to live as those famous West Coast places). I do agree with the assessment that the H1B folks are treated like indentured servants, the management knows they can't easily move to another company and dangles the Greencard like an almost unobtainable carrot, even when the Greencard is company sponsored. This also affects things like workload and yearly salary increases adversely, I've seen it happen firsthand.

Comment Re:Interesting but... (Score 1) 234

I don't see the problem with what Musk is doing. Leadership 101 says invest time in your best performers to make them even better. What's wrong with applying this principle to education? I'm not sure what the solution is to inner city school problems but I'm fairly certain that throwing resources at the worst performers will only yield marginal results at best and possibly no results at worst. Maybe Musk's goal isn't to revolutionize education but simply help create "best of breed" students who will go on to revolutionize the world like he did...

Comment Does not compute, for me (Score 1) 361

While I personally had a distaste for pop music starting in my early teens (I am male) I now (33 years old) find myself sometimes listening to some pop music songs on pupose while working out or going for a run. I do still listen to mostly non mainstream "rock" music, and have added newer bands to my playlist over the years, but find what I want to listen to is driven more by my mood or what I'm currently doing than by the generalization made in the article cited.

Comment The difference between a patriot and an anarchist (Score 1) 686

Is which side wins the ensuing battle/war. The British probably had an equally poor opinion of the originators of the Declaration of Independence. Is it any surprise that Snowden's name has an overall negative public connotation when all the media regarding him is itself negative?

Comment Re: Backpedalled? (Score 1) 740

Please read my post carefully. I'm a parent and entitled to my opinion, right, wrong, or indifferent as it may be. Before vaccines there were legitimate epidemics (polio, measles, etc). For these cases I agree vaccines should be mandatory. Since you believe yourself more enlightened than me in medical matters, please tell me which of the following infection vectors for Hepatitis apply to my newborn, for which a vaccine was offered in the delivery room: a) infection through consumption of raw or undercooked contaminated fish b) infection through sex with an infected individual c) infection through shared use of a contaminated needle d) infection from infected mother Before you answer, my wife tested negative for the disease. Had this vaccine been compulsory, my daughter would have gotten it at birth for no legitimate reason. We do plan on vaccinating them when they are a bit older, but again it should be our choice on when or if we do it for this case. You don't have to be a doctor to gather facts and make logical conclusions/decisions. Parents are responsible for much more than just medical decisions for their kids. We oversee their education, physical, mental, and emotional growth, among other things. You can defer to experts for advice, but should never forego thinking on your own in any case. If you want the government to do your thinking for you, go live in a communist country and let us know how it works out. As for me, I'd like to continue enjoying the freedom of making my own decisions, thanks very much.

Comment Re:Citation needed. (Score 1) 740

You should consider asking this question to a parent of a mentally ill child who has the burden of taking care of a child on a daily basis with no hope for them ever "getting better". Depending on the severity of the mental illness, this could be a living nightmare...

Comment Re:Backpedalled? (Score 1) 740

I have two young daughters (2 yr old and 3 month old) and I believe that certain vaccines are very important and should be mandatory. They should be mandatory when there is a real threat for widespread infection and the effects are life altering (an image of FDR permanently crippled from Polio comes to mind). For this particular case, I believe MMR vaccine should be mandatory, despite the marginal/anecdotal evidence of autism as a result of this vaccine. When the nurses in the delivery room said my daughter should get the Hepatitis vaccine, I was less inclined to view this as mandatory and we declined it. The fact is that today, many more vaccines are pushed on children than in the past, and as a parent I am not entirely sure these vaccines always prevent "outbreak" scenarios. It seems quite the opposite, we're vaccinating against exceptional cases. For these exceptional cases, I believe it should be the parent's choice on when/if to administer the vaccine and they should have to live with the consequences.

Comment DES is still secure? (Score 3, Interesting) 51

"To date, no known flaws have been found against DES, and that after being around for over 30 years, the only attack against DES is an exhaustive key attack. This type of attack is where an adversary has to try each of the possible 72 quadrillion key (256permutations – as the key is 56 bits long) until the right key is discovered. "

I thought DES had been abandoned quite some time ago precisely because there were attack vectors aside from brute force, i.e.:

Comment Re:Don't want to downplay this blunder, but... (Score 1) 307

"Because someone had a drink" - no, because someone was drunk, friend. "The bottom line is that NONE of those people would have died in an ignition switch accident had the switch not been faulty." - and no one would die in DUI collisions if individuals didn't drink and drive, your point being...? "I'm not even going to address the ludicrous inanity of your "Also MY Toytas accelerate fine!!"" - yep, quite crazy that my vehicles work as they were intended to, I know. Here's some other people who think Toyotas work just fine:

Comment Don't want to downplay this blunder, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 307

What the media fails to mention is that nearly half of the fatalities related to this ignition switch problem also involved some combination of alcohol, drugs, and lack of seat belt use. Please see the latest issue of Car & Driver for more details, I just read the article last night. This is not meant to downplay the engineering/management mistakes that were made but simply to illustrate all the factors involved with the loss of life attributed to this mistake. I also own two Toyota's that only accelerate when I tell them to...

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