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+ - Plex Media Center (client) on Linux->

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DoktorMel writes: "Just wanted to take a moment to make the /. community aware of some significant progress on bringing the excellent Plex Media Center to Linux ( The Plex folks recently released their Linux build of the Plex Media Server and we're well underway in getting a reliable build of the client working. We need more help, so please feel free to get involved!"
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Comment: Re:Oh Look.. (Score 1) 283

by DoktorMel (#37056300) Attached to: Fake Names On Social Networks, a Fake Problem

Says someone similarly using a pseudonym. That's not evidence, that's just /..

Pseudonymous usage does not == uncivil assholeishness.

If you need evidence of that, have a look at some of the anti-pseudonym sentiments that have cropped up under people's "real" names on Google+ thus far. On the whole the pseudonymous crowd have been considerably more civil, more reasonable, and more able to present research supportive of their arguments.

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