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+ - Plex Media Center (client) on Linux->

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DoktorMel writes: "Just wanted to take a moment to make the /. community aware of some significant progress on bringing the excellent Plex Media Center to Linux ( The Plex folks recently released their Linux build of the Plex Media Server and we're well underway in getting a reliable build of the client working. We need more help, so please feel free to get involved!"
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Comment: Re:Oh Look.. (Score 1) 283

by DoktorMel (#37056300) Attached to: Fake Names On Social Networks, a Fake Problem

Says someone similarly using a pseudonym. That's not evidence, that's just /..

Pseudonymous usage does not == uncivil assholeishness.

If you need evidence of that, have a look at some of the anti-pseudonym sentiments that have cropped up under people's "real" names on Google+ thus far. On the whole the pseudonymous crowd have been considerably more civil, more reasonable, and more able to present research supportive of their arguments.

The only perfect science is hind-sight.