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Comment No lessons required (Score 1) 299

I started programming when I was about 4 or 5 on the brand new Sinclair ZX81, moved on to the Commodore 64 doing BASIC and then 6502 assembler, then Amiga 68000 assembler and a bit of C and eventually moving on to Java and C# on PCs.
The key thing, however, is that I never did a single programming course in my life. It was all self-taught and done in my spare time because I enjoyed it. I still program as a career all these years later.

The moral of the story is, you don't need to be taught to code - if you enjoy it, you'll do it anyway.

Comment Love the tabs! (Score 1) 574

Personally, I LOVE the tabs being right at the top. ok, so it's non-standard, but it gives you that bit extra screen real-estate.

Last time I saw Firefox, you were half way down the screen before you even GOT to the tabs, let alone the page content.

Comment Re:Periods and commas. (Score 1) 420

I never understood why the hell Europeans swap periods and commas. Grammatically it doesn't even make sense.

Maybe it's for the same reason that Americans write dates in the wrong order?

DD/MM/YY makes perfect sense - you're going from the smallest unit to the largest as you go from left to right.

MM/DD/YY is just a bodge job which causes the rest of us hours of lost time when debugging code!

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