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Comment Re:Industry's deep pocket versus the people (Score 1) 109 109

Don't the people have a say in this?

I do not care how deeeeep the industry's pocket is, in a democracy the ultimate decider is still the PEOPLE --- those who vote, that is

The industry can only get something going if the people let them - and in this case, the people still have the right to SUE the government (and indirectly sue the politicians) over the passage of the laws

Since this happens in Canada the Canadians have to mobilize themselves to see that such laws be overturned and the politicians who are on-the-take be punished accordingly

No the people don't have a say because Canada is a republic, just like the USA, NOT a democracy. We vote for representatives to supposedly make decisions in the best interest of their constituency (which is totally laughable). What we actually have done is created an elected oligarchy where the only people who benefit from anything are the people in power and those with the money to keep them in power.

Comment Re:The real missed question (Score 5, Insightful) 477 477

Mostly because of idiot bosses that think they need to be able to walk up to you and poke you with a stick to make sure you are working.

A large number of jobs can be done at home over the network. Maybe someday we will start getting Executives and managers at businesses that have IQ's over 80 that will start allowing it or even require it.

While true a large number of jobs can be done over the network with little to no problem, that isn't the concern. Many people do not possess the self discipline necessary to work in an environment with that many distractions. The temptation to not actually work is too great. So the easiest solution for companies is to force people to come into the office.

Comment Re:There's a clue shortage on the hirEE side (Score 1) 574 574

There's plenty of crappy coders out there who think they're way better than they really are.

My dad had a saying when trying to hire competent developers. Out of every 100 who apply, you're lucky if 10 are good, and most often only 1 is great. I have to say, that it definitely seems to hold true in many situations.

Comment And who has it hurt? (Score 1, Interesting) 739 739

Plenty of people honestly. Whether through cancellation of plans due to lack of mandated coverages, or in my own personal case, being forced to a plan with weaker benefits because my wife's employer was going to be penalized for offering a "Cadillac" plan to their employee's. For those that don't know what that is, it's a mandated 40% excise tax placed on plans that offer premium coverage.

So now we pay about the same amount as before and have a deductible and coinsurance that we didn't have before. Thanks ever so much for that. Considering now we have to be concerned for up to 4800 dollars more a year in expenses. In an environment with looming inflation, and stagnant income growth. Hurray for Obama. Thanks so much for causing millions of Americans into the threat of financial instability.

If the 10 million people now being covered are primarily from poor and rural areas, you could have easily covered them by modifying existing options like medicare to better suite the needs of those unable to properly insure themselves. And probably at a lesser expense.

So yeah, lots of people have reason to hate the ACA, and the people who shoved it down our throats.

Comment We had a name for that. (Score 1) 226 226

One of my old companies had an actual name for those of us in that DevOps role. It was called the swat team. We were the ones called in when it absolutely had to be done yesterday. Did it suck? Sometimes, but when we said something needed done, management actually would listen instead of blowing it off.

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