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Comment Why would Disney do this? (Score 4, Interesting) 262

  Revenues for the year increased 7% to a record $52.5 billion.
  Net income for the year increased 12% to a record $8.4 billion.
  EPS for the year increased 15% to a record $4.90.

So why try to save a few bucks outsourcing? I don't get it, the money saved is literally insignificant to them.

Comment Value goes up, not down. (Score 1) 393

Statistics can be made to support pretty much anything these days. I'd argue the opposite here. A graduate is overqualified for their job? Great, so that still means they have a distinct advantage over someone without a degree. Why hire someone without a degree when you can hire someone with one, who is overqualified? It's win-win for the employer.

This increased the value of a degree, not decreases it.

Comment Fast food only and I'm on board. (Score 1) 50

Am I alone in the thinking that, beyond fast food, I don't want my food prepared by a robot? When I go out to a restaurant, I want a real live chef cooking my food. It's not saying that a robot can't eventually do the same job, its that I'm willing to pay for a human to be a part of the experience of putting their own personal touch into what I order. I enjoy being able to let the chef know they did a great job.

With that being said, I want the exact opposite in fast food. If I can order and get my burger exactly how I want it and an unsweet tea that 100% of the time will be an unsweet tea after I drive away sign me up, I'll even pay a premium.

Comment Re: Sounds too good to be true (Score 1) 162

And why do you think that? All the electric cars running and being built today are suddenly going to stop working a little under 5 years? Wow, you should go tell Volkswagen! And Chevrolet! And BMW! And Nissan! And Tesla! And Mercedes! And Ford! And Toyota! And Daimler! And Fiat! And Kia! And Honda! And Mitsubishi! And Volvo! And Porsche! And Volvo! And 9 other new car companies that you haven't even heard of. I'm sure I missed a few big ones too.

Yep - you sure know your stuff about electric cars!

Comment Re:More competitors is a good thing (Score 1) 162

Most people recharge at home overnight. One a trip most everyone stops for a break to eat and relax, which is a great time to charge up.

Nice try with the FUD on the batteries needing replacement in 2-3 years. Which year are you living in exactly?
In 2013, Plug In America did a study of Tesla Roadster battery longevity. Using data from 126 Roadsters driven a total 3.2 million miles, the study concluded that the typical Roadster would still have 80-85 percent battery capacity after 100,000 miles.

I didn't read the rest of your post. Seriously - if you have no idea what you are talking about don't post. Hit the back button and go on the next article.

Comment Re:More competitors is a good thing (Score 1) 162

If you're buying a 80,000 car saving money fuel isn't very high on your list.

Electric cars are very new still, like anything it just needs some time. It won't be long until the price of an 250 mile electric car is cheaper than a gas car then things will begin to change a little faster.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.