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Comment It isn't that easy (Score 1) 200

If we ever come to a world where most of the population doesn't work at all, the respect for work will eventually fade. For most people money will be something that is "just there" without them having any direct relationship to where it comes from. Consequently conditions for those who actually do work will worsen as they lack the necessary majorities to push their political interests.

Comment What if... (Score 1) 451

... I get caught up in a situation where I HAVE to create a collision to minimize overall damage? Like, I'm caught up in traffic and a truck ignores a red light heading towards me and my only way to survive is to "push" the car ahead of me? Or I'm stuck in the mud and have to drive up a steep slope that emergency break recognizes as an obstacle? Or a riot breaks out and my car becomes a weapon of self defense. Or my garage burns down and I have to break through the door to save my vehicle.

Can emergency breaking be overriden voluntarily?

Comment Switch of priorities (Score 1) 254

The problem is that we live in a society where a large number those that traditionally stood on the side of privacy (liberals, minorities etc.) have realized that surveillance can be a very useful tool to achieve the same ends that they previously wanted privacy for.

Republican presidental candidate caught making derogatory comments on certain voter groups? Cool.
Basketball club owner recorded making racist remarks on a private phone call and forced to sell his shares? Awesome.
Internal Email history of released on the web? What a nice reading for the weekend!

It es inevitable that the liberal movement will split about this at some point: Those who want true freedom respecting even opposing opinions, as long as they are not violent, and radical idealists with an agenda who see surveillance and conformism as more effective tools to shape their utopia. It will be interesting to see on which side the companies most capable of total surveillance - Google, Apple, Microsoft - will end up.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 181

>>> If you fly, ride the bus, train or cruise ship, other people control where you go.

And if I don't go by them they don't, so whats the point? The focus in mass transportation lies on cost efficiency, not on flexibility or privacy and I can choose where my preferences lie any time. Your argument may just as well be used to argue against any unsupervised transportation including walking.

>>>I remember people in a video forum in 2004 telling me they'd be shooting film the rest of their lives. That was just 11 years ago. In just that short >>>time span video has not only rivaled film but surpassed it. Long before video surpassed film in terms of quality, video displaced film on the basis >>>of cost and ease of workflow. The technical hurdles in 2004 for video to replace film were huge and it happened in less than a decade.

When you say "video" do you mean digital cameras vs. analogous? The only reason why someone may choose the latter above the former is image quality and if the quality fits, everythings cool. The problem does not have an individualistic or privacy component. The comparison doesn't work.

>>> It won't be that long before people who insist on driving themselves become the hazards on the road

The only people who will become hazards on the road are the same people that are hazards on the road right now.

Comment Re:NO. Police get caught doing bad things and... (Score 1) 309

People have made the experience that hoarded information may get leaked decades later and in a completely unrelated context and that a single careless commentary publicy exposed may ruin your life. So either you put yourself under permanent stress oder prepare to be listed under "Stupid guy who couldn't let his mouth shut" in some blog.

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