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Comment: Re:Meh. (Score 1) 116

by DinDaddy (#47222239) Attached to: Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out

Similar here, although I do buy some new releases when they hit about $15 if I want them badly. But with Amazon discounting so many titles so much, we now have an unwatched backlog of blu-rays of probably 40 movies, which tempers my impulsiveness.

They have a pretty fair number of high profile movies that are as low as $5 that are less than 2 years old. Why the hell would I rent a stream for $4 when I can own the movie?

Comment: Re:Surface 2 Pro, for Pros (Score 1) 616

by DinDaddy (#44938333) Attached to: Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

Apple, a high end company, became a device company and its been pulling them down to the lowest common denominator.

I am not clear what you mean by this. All Apple's products appear to be in the upper third of pricing for devices of their type. Are you referring to the categories of devices they have entered?

Comment: Re: Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

by DinDaddy (#44802093) Attached to: Apple Sued For Dividing Final Season of Breaking Bad Into Two On iTunes

Except, as noted elsewhere, terminology that is almost certainly written by Apple says "This Season Pass includes all current and future episodes of Breaking Bad, The Final Season.", since that is their boilerplate wording used everywhere.

That alone makes them liable in this case.

Comment: Re:Union's purpose once reasonable goals achieved (Score 1) 1103

by DinDaddy (#44165787) Attached to: Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

If companies tried to change the 40 hour work week then unions likely would enjoy a surge in popularity because then they would be fighting a worthy cause for reasonable working conditions.

If? There are already an awful lot of companies that squeeze more than 40 hour weeks out of people. Non-union fields, though, not surprisingly.

Comment: Re:May Bel-Shamharoth eat their souls (Score 2) 311

by DinDaddy (#43896445) Attached to: With Sales Down, Whale Meat Flogged As Source of Strength

I travel to Japan frequently, and a few years ago it was with somewhat disgusted amusement I read an editorial in a Tokyo newspaper about how whaling was beneficial, in that whales were largely to blame for depleted fisheries. They completely failed to reconcile, or even mention, how fish populations declining parallel whale population declines, or present any evidence for the assertion at all.

There is serious denial there.

Comment: Re:And the day comes when... (Score 1) 716

by DinDaddy (#43741531) Attached to: Google Demands Microsoft Pull YouTube App For WP8

Google hasn't sued anyone yet, they've set a deadline but it's not clear what action Google can take. There are several, including:

* Find ways to block the app

  * Embed ads in the raw video

  * Complete on-going switch to codecs Microsoft doesn't want to support

  * Place a "Windows serial number generator" on the front page of

You omitted the action they will actually take.

* File a suit in court and obtain an order compelling MS to remove the app and disable distributed copies.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.