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Comment: Re:One Big Bitch, Then Another (Score 1) 199

by DimmO (#31812924) Attached to: How Neuros Built Their Nearly Silent HTPC
I use a diNovo mini and a logitech harmony remote (IR) for my htpc. (harmony most of the time, then the diNovo mini for occasional webbrowsing.) I found the bluetooth receiver for the DiNovo was rather rat-shit. with it plugged into the rear of my pc, it wouldn't get more than a couple of metres range. I had to run a usb extension cable and sit the receiver at the front of the pc (I didn't want to waste one of the PC case's front ports - they're for cameras and ipods etc).. Now, I get bluetooth reception just find from anywhere in my lounge room - 4-5m max.

Comment: Re:This just in (Score 1) 352

by DimmO (#31002554) Attached to: South Australia Outlaws Anonymous Political Speech
"I have listened. I will immediately after the election move to repeal the law retrospectively."
"I call upon all the other political parties who supported this review to also review their position."

So, he’ll try to repeal it, but there’s no guarantee that it will be. And he won’t do it until after the election. Fuck Atkinson.

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Comment: Re:The hiss is where it hides (Score 1) 849

by DimmO (#30151314) Attached to: Can We Really Tell Lossless From MP3?
Ive got some SR60's, and I love the sound (heavy metal music). (I wear them several hours a day in the office)
my gripes are
a) the foam pads have started wearing/ breaking down after 6 months or so. You can buy replacements though.
b) the adjustment rods (for big-head / little-head adjustment) are starting to loosen, so they slip up and down a bit.
c) the vinyl headband isn't taht comfortable.

AFAIK, the only difference between the SR60s and SR80s is the gauge of the cable, so i'm not sure the SR80s are worth the extra money.

Comment: Re:does anyone still use it? (Score 1) 329

by DimmO (#30039830) Attached to: MythTV 0.22 Released
your favourite torrent site will have (possibly several) RSS feeds which list the newest torrents, and their download links. Add this rss feed to your favourite torrent program and tell it to filter out the torrents you want. your favourite torrent program will load the RSS feed regularly, and then download your filtered torrents all by itself.

Comment: Re:Start-bar aka Dock! (Score 1) 792

by DimmO (#28952925) Attached to: Windows 7 RTM Reviewed & Benchmarked
It's good in theory, but there are usability glitches and apps need to be updated to make full use of it. eg: if you have Firefox pinned to the task bar and running, but the only window left is the Firefox downloads window, how do you get a new browser window? you can't just click the pinned firefox icon (which would be similar behaviour to the quick launch bar in xp/vista). You have to right click and click 'new window' (I'm not at my win7 box atm, so i don't know the exact command). Live messenger chat windows take 2 clicks to get them un-minimised (click the messenger icon, then the thumbnail of the chat window), instead of 1 (click the chat window task bar item in xp/vista). Don't get me wrong, I like the look of it, but it has a little way to go to be perfect. I know you can set the win7 task bar to behave a bit like xp/vista too, without grouped icons.

Comment: I like Office 2007, but I don't like it too. (Score 1) 291

by DimmO (#28684835) Attached to: Hands-On Preview of Microsoft Office 2010
here's some "features" in Office 2007 that I hope they fix:
1. in the Outlook 2007 journal, document edits are not logged if the document is stored on a network drive.
99% of my work documents are on a network server. When i go to fill in my weekly time sheet (so I can get paid), I go to the journal to review what my work was, and there's nothing there! (inb4 you didn't do any work)
2a. Copying a spreadsheet chart from excel to word can not be done by drag-and-drop.
2b. copy / pasting a chart from excel to word pastes it as a vector image. a) you can not edit the chart as a OLE object in the word document, and b) text formatting on the axes gets screwed up.

I *do* like the ribbon interface and the context formatting menu that pops up when you select text.

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