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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 360

Windows XP is now a year and a half past its "completely out of support even for extended support for really big customers who paid us extra for it" ... and yet I still regularly run into customers (I do Developer Support for an SDK) who are still stuck using Windows XP because their organization is too cheap to upgrade and/or they feel that XP still works for them.

For many, XP is very much "ain't broke, don't fix it" though from a security standpoint - YES, YES IT IS BROKE - VERY BROKE - DO NOT WANT.

Comment When you're planning on blowing yourself up... (Score 4, Insightful) 204

It seems to me that when you're planning to blow yourself up anyway - you're probably not that worried about getting caught after the fact, and there's so much traffic going around that open communications especially if using a simple codewords for obvious trigger phrases (so say "flowers' instead of "bombs" etc...) and very likely the best the intelligence folks will do is read your comms after you've succeeded and have gone to meet your 72 Virgins....

Comment Did I miss something? (Score 1) 69

Did I miss something? the part where planes are dropping out of the air left and right due to someone's iPhone in the hold?

I think it's one thing to talk about say... shipping a palate or two of LiON batteries in the hold of a passenger airliner? sure, ban it, but I think this is a serious over-reaction to a problem that really is not exactly the most pressing thing threatening us today.

Comment Please no - Salesforce WORKS.... (Score 1) 58

Oh gods please, no... I use Salesforce extensively every day... my company was a small company that got bought by a bigger one - the bigger parent company wanted to push us to Microsoft CRM but we convinced them to leave us alone - we had so many customizations and neat uses of their API that switching would have bene a pain.

Our parent company just announced they were being bought by a bigger company and the bigger company is a Salesforce user - the sales and support people audibly CHEERED at the prospect of getting away from MS CRM and back to SalesForce... and I can see why.

If MS buys it, first it gets re-branded as MS CloudCRM or whatever then they just pillage and destroy it over the long haul and we end up back on MS CRM after they slowly ruin it over a couple years..

I know that's speculation, but DAMNIT, Salesforce is worlds better than MS CRM and I can't think they're buying to do anything other than gobble up a competitor.

Comment Re:Hardly anyone says, "I don't use Google+" (Score 1) 146

Add me as a "me too" - I wanted to just use this name as it's my "Nome de net"... but I ended up making a completely fake account with a 'real sounding name" just so I could use Hangout with some co-workers as our informal "virtual office"

Yeah, I could use my real name, but I wanted to keep any activity strictly not-directly-officially-tied to me or my employer... they've got a social media policy which I just would rather avoid by using a pseudonym.

Comment Re:Click-to-Play Would Improve Flash, Too (Score 1) 111

I totally agree...

That's why the browser I use for regular surfing doesn't have Flash, Java, Shockwave, or Silverlight.. and I browse with all scripting turned off and only enable the scripting needed to make the page work IF I trust the site.

If I run into content I want - Netflix, a Youtube video, or some other similar thing, I switch to Chrome where I have those installed.

Comment Re:Hardly surprising (Score 1) 249

I really used to look forward to the latest Mac vs PC commercial.... I really didn't change my opinions or buy based on them, but I liked the commercials - they were funny.

Also, there was that one for a car company ... Cog

That was actual, interesting television that happened to be an Advertisement - but usually I just block them out (skip over them on my TiVo / ff on my Comcast DVR

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