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Comment US Baseball (Score 1) 190

You've all got it wrong. The REAL conspiracy is that if the embargo were lifted, Cuba could field a Major League Baseball team. If they fielded a team made up exclusively by Cuban and Latin American players, they would completely dominate the sport. The Major League Sport Hegemony couldn't allow such an embarrassment! (tongue on partially in cheek)

Submission + - Ray Harryhausen, visual effects master, dies aged 92 (

Diakoneo writes: "Visual effects master Ray Harryhausen, whose stop-motion wizardry graced such films as Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans, has died aged 92. The American animator made his models by hand and painstakingly shot them frame by frame to create some of the best-known battle sequences in cinema."

Some of my fondest cinematic memories from my youth are from Ray Harryhausen.

Comment Re:New Shuttle (Score 1) 288

"Houston, this is Commander Mark E. Kelly reporting in over the crystal clear Verizon Communications Network. The launch was extremely smooth because of our Quaker State oil used used in our Rocketdyne engines. While we're sipping on our ice cold Red Bulls in celebration, we'd like to say we're looking forward to that frosty Budweiser beer when we get back to earth. We're sure those Goodyear Tires will help is in a smooth landing, and meanwhile we're using our Snap On tools to make the final adjustments to the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. I'd like to thank our sponsors NAPA Auto Parts and Home Depot for the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier 3 we're going to deploy, and a big shout out to GEICO for insuring the trip..."

Comment Interesting NYR (Score 2) 177

Joe Soucheray, A Minnesota journalist and radio talk show host, had an interesting New Year's Resolution a few years back. He resolved that every other book he read (he's a prolific reader, especially fiction) would be a biography/autobiography. I believe he kept the resolution as he talked about several of them throughout the year. I attempted to replicate it, but quickly fell into my yearly Terry Pratchett Discworld Marathon and never went back.

Comment Re:Strange pulse stories (Score 3, Interesting) 329

I put a 1M resistor between the scope probe and the ECG, and used a battery-powered scope. At that point, the danger from the scope is guaranteed less than the danger from the 12v power supply (also battery.)

Ok, if everything is battery-powered, you're good. However, as soon as mains power is involved anywhere, galvanic isolation is a must just in case there's some sort of short circuit. I was lucky (or prudent, don't know which) enough so far to avoid any encounters with mains voltage, however, as the firmware guy, I don't do quite as much poking around the internals of, say, power supplies as the hardware guys do. ;)

The other one takes those and handles the SPI for writing to a memory card.

Hm, an interesting dual-processor setup. Does it have any advantages power-wise compared to, say, using one of Atmels ARM chips? That's what I am working with right now. If you're planning to have the device running on batteries for a week, you're probably looking at an ever more limited power budget than I am.

I'd be *very* interested in hearing more about your design: anything online?

Since this is part of my job, I'm afraid I can't spill any corporate secrets. ;) My employer is one of the heavyweights in the patient monitoring market. I can answer any general ECG-related questions, though. My knowledge of hardware is somewhat limited and on the theoretical side, though, since I'm lucky enough to work with some excellent EE colleagues and rarely need to deal with hardware problems myself.

Comment Re:I guess it is good news... (Score 1) 540

And I guess you didn't read my post.
It doesn't matter when google decides to refresh it's cache. You can still get an invalid entry, an entry they haven't cached, or an entry that is currently being refreshed.

Any DNS server can choose how frequently to refresh it's cache, whether it updates or purges during a refresh, and whether or not to return the stale result (be it stale according to the official TTL or stale according to your own refresh frequency) while refreshing.

Updating your cache 1 hour before it needs to be updated is not magic. They just use a higher standard for the expiration date, and pay a price for it.

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