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by DiEx-15 (#47329377) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

Bigger publishers have now realized you can actually sell these things to players as DLC. Want that special gun? Think you can unlock it with a cheat code? Nope! You've got to give us some money first!

And this is why my XBox isn't connected to the interwebs.

I'm not interested in your damned in-game economy, and I have no interest in getting my ass kicked by a 12 year old playing on-line.

I'll stick with my off-line gaming, thank you very much.

I couldn't agree more!

Comment: Correlation == Causality Time! (Score 1) 154

Video games are the big evil. They are murderer trainers and hacking instructors. They fill our kids with all sort of evil ideas and shows them how to properly and easily do them in the real world.

Fucking twats. People been hacking non electric street signs since those have been coming out. And I'm pretty sure you'll find other peeps have been hacking electric sings way before this (I know I've seen them). What makes this big? Oh ya, a video game came out where you can hack signs. Easy to blame the game, since obviously video games are responsible for the shooting the other day also.

All this shit boils down to is somebody assuming Correlation = Causality. It's the exact same shit we hear when some kid goes nuts and shoots up a school. It's the exact same shit we hear when Political Party A wants to discredit Political Party B.

It's nothing new.

Some kid gets bored and for a few laughs does a readily available trick on some road signs. Rather than figure out ways to prevent it, it's much easier and cheaper to pin point some trivial bullshit and raise a fuss about it. So, naturally when they found out this kid played a video game about hacking they found a scapegoat and focused on that. Nevermind the fact this has been going on long before this game came out. By [Insert deity here or leave blank], that game is at fault because they don't want to face the responsibility that it's their own damned fault for not better securing such a trivial thing!

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by DiEx-15 (#46853269) Attached to: Why Should Game Stories Make Sense?

The real plot problem is that not enough effort goes into game plot development.

I dunno - sometimes they over-do it, taking themselves way the hell too seriously.

I think the coolest game I ever played is still an old-assed text-based game. The game came with a scratch-n-sniff card, a 3D comic book (with glasses), and just enough 'plot' to get you started. The plot is is scare quotes because, quite frankly, it's intentionally stupid, silly, risque - but hellishly funny. The game itself required a ton of imagination on your part (because it was all text-based), and a lot of mental recall to avoid getting lost, killed, etc.

Even now, 2+ decades later, I still get a smile when I think of the so-called "plot" (it begins in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, then instantly puts you on Mars, etc...)

That aside, here's something else to consider: one of the absolute most popular games of the '90s was the Doom/Quake franchise, right? The 'plot' for Doom and Quakes I, II and III were thin at best, and let's be honest - it only got in the way of the real reason we all played Quake: Kill shit in realtime 3D and watch the gibs fly. The big 'plot' in the CTF/Team Foretress/WeaponsFactory MODs, and in CounterStrike and suchlike? Really - what plot?

I guess what I'm getting at is this: a plot is only useful sometimes - not all games need one, and if a game really needs a heavy, complex plot, then maybe it's just trying to cover for crappy gameplay?

To add to your point:

Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Pong, Tetris: What story ? There is hardly one there, if any. Eat pellets, get high score. That is Pac-Man's story. Tetrris? None. Donkey Kong? A big ape stole your girl. Get her back. The end. Pong? Use paddle. Don't miss the ball.

The point is: Story is not that important in video gaming. The level of immersion and interaction and how a gamer does this is key in the suspension of disbelief in a game. A lot of times, gamers can't even remember the story, just that they did something in the game.

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by DiEx-15 (#46834331) Attached to: 'The Door Problem' of Game Design

I'm not convinced by TFS. The answers are, roughly:

  1. 1. Are there doors in your game? Let's say for the moment there are.
  2. 2. Can the player open them? Yes. If you have doors in a 3D game and they don't behave like doors, you have failed.
  3. 3. Can the player open every door in the game? Yes. See point 2.
  4. 4. What tells a player a door is locked and will open, as opposed to a door that they will never open? It's a door. It opens.
  5. 5. What happens if there are two players? Doors behave the same for all players. It's a door. See point 2.
  6. 6. Does it only lock after both players pass through the door? See point 5.
  7. 7. What if the level is REALLY BIG and can't all exist at the same time? Then your technology is not good enough to implement your vision and one or the other needs to change. See point 2.

Am I the only one who finds arbitrary restrictions in games, either because the technology couldn't cope, or because the game designer knows how you want to play better than you do, or just because, really annoying? If there's a door there, it should open. If it won't open, there shouldn't be a door there. How hard is this? Putting a door there that's never going to open just frustrates the player and destroys the suspension of disbelief. It reminds them that they're not really in this world they can see, they're in some arbitrarily limited construct devised by a "product manager" at some company to try to screw a few bob out of them. Of course there need to be some limits on the world, because the technology isn't infinite; good game design should make those limits look natural so that the player never even notices that the limit is there.

Tomb Raider games are amazingly annoying - some things you can jump and grab, some things you can't. The only way to tell is to jump and try grabbing it. If it doesn't work, maybe you can't jump and grab that thing, or maybe you just didn't quite get it right. I know, I know, this is not the point of Tomb Raider games, Lara is, but still...

It's called Critical Path. The path the game designer needs/encourages you to go to "win" the level. With the exception of sports games, simulations, and sand box games: There is always a Path, even if it looks like you are not following one. A good game designer knows all possible ways to go from Point A to Point B and either rewards you or obstructs you from going that particular way.

The whole experiment with the door is to demonstrate how different players in the design process view something like a door in a game. This is to be expected though. Each person in the development process has a different view of what would happen in the world they are creating. This also demonstrates the concept of Critical Path being key to a good designed level/game world.

As for doors opening/locked: The only way I see it breaking the suspension of disbelief is if doors that normally were always closed suddenly became operable near the end of the game without explanation or doors that were open-able become disabled even though they are clearly marked as open-able.. Marking them? At first that might break the perverbable "4th wall", but if they get immersed into the world all the signs and indicators become second nature and no longer have that much impact. It becomes "normal" to press a button to open a door even with a mysterious floating text there to indicate it. They don't even read it: They just instinctively realize that door is open-able because the indicator is there.

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Not only that: There is no quality control over it.

Friday, I watched an ad for something called "The American Parasite". It was basically making some accusations and saying over 250 million Americans have this "parasite" and it was being covered up by the government and medical fields.All being done in a ASAP Science kind of way in order to somehow get people to trust them.

Well, knowing what bullshit smells and looks like, I did a quick fact check. Turns out this "parasite" is nothing more than a yeast (Candida to be exact) that feeds on sugar. Not only that: the ad makes a whole lot of bogus and Correlation = Causality shit. All they wanted is for people to go to their complete moonbat site, watch a TL;DW video that makes even more bullshit moonbat claims, and for people to buy this probiotic crap.

The moral of this story is that it won't be long before even more moonbats with pseudoscience take advantage of this and advertise a plethora of "You can't skip these" bullshit ads selling shit and sugar.

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by DiEx-15 (#46536105) Attached to: Earth Barely Dodged Solar Blast In 2012
Considering how dependent we are to things that require electricity, perhaps we are lucky we squeaked by...

However, there will always be this threat It is just the nature of the universe. Perhaps it would be wise to consider ways to mitigate or minimumize damage done if such an event happened again. Yeah, it'd be costly to do. However, it certainly would beat the lives lost and damage done if doing the usual "Wait till it happens and then run around like a chicken with their head cut off while pointing fingers at others" approach as these events are not just foreseeable, but inevitable.

Comment: How about... (Score 2) 80

by DiEx-15 (#46465231) Attached to: As the Web Turns 25, Sir Tim Berners-Lee Calls For A Web Magna Carta
How about the following:

1) Tell the NSA to GTFO. They are officially ban hammered.
2) The government, ISPs, MAFIAAs, etc. keep their damned hands off the internet. Any attempt to meddle with it gains them a horse whipping that gets televised for the whole world to see.
3) Any ISP getting a hair-brained notion to do crap like "two-tiered" internet gets everybody from the CEO down to the janitor horse whipped. Severely. On Television.
4) Everybody and anybody can get internet and has more than one ISP to chose from. If an ISP has a monopoly, they either get a competitor or get a horse whipping that puts the one in #3 to shame every day until they do. Televised, of course.

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by DiEx-15 (#46420833) Attached to: PC Game Prices — Valve Starts the Race To Zero
How many "free" clones of Flappy Bird has emerged since the maker RAEGQUIT? Out of that number: How many are actually good and aren't complete shit or buggier than a roach motel?

How many "free" games are just a clone of another game that is a clone of another game? (Hint: Bazinga... err... Zynga games and King Games are nefariously bad at making a clone of a clone of a clone... ad infinitum.) How many of those clone's only difference from the original game is that you have to pay RL cash in order to continue despite it's bogus clam that you don't have to pay to continue?

How many "free" games are nothing more than a HS Student's feeble attempt at making a game?

Long story short: Free doesn't always equal good. There is always a catch and sometimes you get what you pay for. So if you paid shit for something, don't complain about the smell you got in return.

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by DiEx-15 (#46420635) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires
Generally speaking: Win8 is nothing more than Microsoft's attempt to push their phone OS onto PCs.

The huge, glaring, fatal error of it all is the simple, yet so obvious you can see it on Pluto fact that both the Microsoft phone and it's OS are shit and had no business being on PCs/laptops. They were trying to create a demand for something nobody wants and will never want.

They can run a billion ads. They can spend billions on ads that compare Win8 to the second coming of Jebus and dancing clowns in hipster attire. They can make tablets that are light-years inferior to Android/IPad tablets all they want. They can have Balmer sweat, run around like a loon on fire and chuck a billion chairs on national/international/intergalactic TV. They can even make every OS from 7 down to MS-DOS suddenly not work. At the end of the day: Win8, Microsoft Phones, and Surface are all shit or below shit. The sooner they wake up and realize that and take actions to correct it, the better off they will be.

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