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Comment Call their bluff (Score 1) 588

I say the school should call the parents bluff.

The parents and the LOLyers for the parents have to prove in court that their kid got sick thanks to the Wi-Fi. The burden of proof is on them, not the school or the defendant. Granted, it is a civil case and that should make it much more easier for the school's attorney to blast a Mars sized hole into the parents ship.

If it were me, I'd just give the parents a roll of Reynolds Wrap and say "Here you go, I met the ADA act."

Comment No. (Score 2) 207

We don't need games designed by nerds who have a sometimes rather weird sense of "fun". Granted. But at least those games would get played by nerds. Games designed by artists who have no connection with games would be played by NOBODY because, yes, they are artistically pleasing and maybe they will one day end up in some review of the "most beautiful games of the past", but an artist that has no idea what makes a game fun will not create a good game.

What we need is people who have an idea what makes games fun. What makes games interesting. Why people play them. And why people play THOSE games and not the ones over there. What made Kerbal Space Program a great game that was generally praised and Hatred a bad game that was generally panned? Don't bother answering, pretty much EVERYONE here knows the answer.

At least if they play games!


First off: "Fun" is subjective. What you find "fun" others may not. So off the bat, what you are asking is not possible because there isn't a universally accepted measure or definition of "fun".

Second off: Gamers make bad game designers. They have a penchant to make games they want to play. That may not necessarily make for good sales and sales are what keep the game makers paid. It also falls back on point 1: Their version of "fun" may not be what others consider "fun".

Finally: A lot of Gamers quickly become "Not Gamers" after a few games they created. They no longer see the "fun" in a game, but rather the vector points, trigger events, and critical paths in every game they play. Which the number of games they play dwindles fast after a game publish or two.

I am sure though there is a few gamers that are successful game designers but they are the exception, not the rule. Most game designers are part artist, part "spotty nerd" like the ass clown in the article calls them, and part psychologist to get the balance between "too hard" and "too easy" right. They see and assemble the worlds what you play through a different set of eyes that gamers may have difficulty seeing through. If they do, they lose the suspension of disbelief in the same way knowing how a magician does all their tricks.

Comment Anybody really surprised? (Score 1) 391

I'm not. Selling an expensive POS for something that is at it's very nature subjective only proves it's just for bragging rights.

I'm sure that there are a few Audiophiles that will screech that X makes Y sound better, or X is better for data transfer. However, no amount of empirical data can change the immutable fact that "sound quality" is a subjective observation. What one person thinks is "sounding great" might not for another.

Sure, there is some general agreement that an audio track that sounds clear is way different than one that sounds like a jack hammer got at it and tossed into a blender. Again though, there is going to never be a consensus with people that hear the same audio file but the only difference is something extremely trivial (and ridiculously expensive).

Comment Re:By comparision (Score 1) 274

These are all UK crimes with 10 year penalties: Burglary with intent to inflict GBH on a person or do unlawful damage to a building or anything in it (non-dwelling) Possession of firearm with intent to cause fear of violence Possessing or distributing prohibited weapon or ammunition (5 year minimum sentence) Riot Making threats to kill Administering poison etc. so as to endanger life Cruelty to persons under 16 Indecent assault Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child Causing a child to watch a sexual act Meeting child following sexual grooming Indecency with children under 14 Taking, having etc. indecent photographs of children Committing offence with intent to commit sexual offence Trespass with intent to commit sexual offence Burglary with intent to commit rape (non-dwelling) Assault with intent to commit buggery Causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent Engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a person with a mental disorder impeding choice Causing a person with a mental disorder impeding choice to watch a sexual act Engaging in sexual activity in the presence, procured by inducement, threat or deception, of a person with a mental disorder Care workers: sexual activity with a person with a mental disorder Care workers: inciting person with mental disorder to engage in sexual act I'm sure we can all agree that these are comparable to someone sharing a song.

According to the RIAA: YES.

Comment Re:What about the first VR rape? (Score 1) 144

Long before somebody dies because of playing a VR game, I think we will see somebody complain about getting raped by such a game.

We won't know the specifics of the situation until it actually happens, but I hypothesize that it will involve a very outspoken, left-leaning, college-educated (some strain of sociology, most likely) woman in her early 20s. She will likely be somewhat overweight, but not obese, and otherwise very unremarkable. Because of her obnoxious, self-righteous attitude, her obsession with "social causes", and her average physique, she will attract the attention of very few males. The only ones she will interact with will be weak-willed, soft man-boys she met at her college, who likely exhibit latent homosexuality. As a result, she will be deprived of the typical sexual interaction and pleasure that normal women receive.

This woman will try on a virtual reality headset. She will play a fairly typical game. It may be some form of 3D sudoku, most likely. But the experience will be traumatic to her, for some reason. She will convince herself that she was violated and molested. She will go to the media with her story. She will be on every morning show, talking about her harrowing experience. She will have newspaper columns written about her. Twitter will be on fire. She will have become The First Victim of Virtual Reality Rape.

Too late

Japan released an arcade game that has you rape an ass.

Comment Dear Criminal Coder: (Score 1) 117

I hope this letter finds you getting cuffed and stuffed as I write this. I just wanted to let you know what is in store for you as you are being carted away.

1) Real life is way different than your mom's basement. You'll soon discover that when you are in a prison cell.
2) Getting your ass beat up and pummeled will be a daily norm. Only difference is that you will actually get beat and feel every last inch of pain while you really get tea bagged.
3) Saying "I was just trolling" or "LOL Internet" will not stop an ass beating. Saying "U Mad, Bro?" will make the beating worse.
4) You quickly learn that online bravery is far different from real life bravery. Especially if you drop the N Bomb to a group of your fellow black inmates.
5) If you are an anal virgin: You won't be for long.
6) Ass rape. Get use to it. Fast.
7) There is no such thing as respawn points or resurrrection spells in RL. It's permadeath and we hope it is an excruciating one you get.
8) See #7 if you think you can reload your life.
9) Dropping a bar of soap in a prison shower gets you #6. Probably another #2 if the first ass kicking didn't get you a #7 or if they just feel like it.
10) There are no sock puppets or proxies or anonymity in the real world. So snitching or saying the N word will just net you another #2. That and show you really are stupid and learned nothing from the first #2.
11) As you lay beat up and your anus damaged: Just remember that you can turn off your life like a computer: It's called Suicide. Only difference is you can't restart or turn your life back on.

Everybody. Even your mom.

Comment Re:Yahoo has maps? (Score 1) 176

Who knew?

When I read the title in my Yahoo Mail I was like "Why is Google shutting it down? Has Skynet become sentient now and wants to confuse humanity without maps?!"

Then 'i realized it was Yahoo and not Google and then was like "Oh. Nevermind. When did they have Maps and what the hell are Pipes?"

I need to enact a rule not to read anything until I've downed at least my first pot of coffee in the morning.

Comment Corelation != Causality (Score 1) 205

What does Tomorrowland eating a big one in the box office got to do with Tron 3?

I mean come on! Tomorrowland has George Clooney! He raped the Batman series and it took a few years before the public recovered from the shock and enjoyed Batman Begins without much PTSD. So why should it come as a shock Tomorrowland was going to flop? Why punish us who liked Tron?

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