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Comment: Re:when? (Score 1) 182

The first question that comes to mind is:

How long would it have taken comcast and AT&T, if it hadn't been for EPB?

That is not my first question.

My first question is: Is anybody truly surprised that Comcast did this?

If your answer is "Yes", then my next question is: What rock did you crawl out from under or what planet are you from?

Comment: LOL Rand Paul (Score 1) 438

by DiEx-15 (#49600327) Attached to: Rand Paul Moves To Block New "Net Neutrality" Rules
Yeah. He is a failure, like his father before him.

I find it sad, pathetic and overall anger inducing that people will side for a political party regardless of absolute wrong they are. Republicans and Democrats are many decades out of date and want to force us backwards, not forwards. So, because anachronisms like Rand Paul and the Grand OLD Party (LOL TeaBag Party!) don't understand how the internets work but are more than happy to take cash from the Telecos, of course they will ignore the fail of the ideas they promote.

Comment: Re:a customer couldn't sue a car company, or any b (Score 1) 104

by DiEx-15 (#49555175) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls

Suppose you bought a car which had a significant safety defect. You sue the car company. After a spending a million dollars on lawyers and experts, the company's lawyers convince the judge that you filed suit in the wrong court, so you lose. Now you owe the car company a million bucks. That type of outcome would happen often enough that it would be very, very rare for anyone to sue someone with more money than they have.

Instead, the fees are based on fairness- if you file a frivolous suit, you can plan on being ordered to pay the defendant's costs. Also, if you clearly CAUSE a suit, you can be ordered to pay the other party's costs. As an example, suppose you write to the car company asking them to fix the defect, at a cost of $350. They give you the run around for two years, promising to fix it but they never fix it. They admit it's a problem, they admit they caused the problem, but they just won't fix it without being sued. In such a case, you'd probably be awarded costs (and possibly treble damages).

The flaw with your analogy is that most incidents like you describe result in major class action law suits and not a bunch of individual ones being done by wronged parties. This would even out the costs and pay outs if something were to go wrong or if there is a settlement.

Also, and I use many of the major incidents with car recalls and defects as of late: Most major corps facing defective equipment class actions would rather settle it quickly than face trial as they might already be in a worse court: the Court of Public Opinion. A true PR Hell to get out of.

Take GM for example. They wanted to both fix their problems quickly (to salve off more class actions and look like they care) and settle it quickly (to minimize the financial and PR damages and look like they care) in order to continue doing what they normally do. However, that all blew up in their face when a paper trail emerged that they knew for quite some time of the problems. Now, a bit off topic, they are using the fact they are under bankruptcy protection as a defense. However, even if they get away with the financial payments, they still have to deal with the PR damage and that maybe difficult to do.

Unless what I've always suspected is true: The entire US has a bad case of ADHD and forgets it all when some other news shiney comes out.

Comment: Re:I hope it's a publicity stunt (Score 1) 118

In that case, Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz will certainly be recommending on his next show as a miracle weight loss technique.

I also heard "Dr." Oz will be getting a name transplant.

He'll be replacing "Oz" with either "Quack" or "Fraud". Although my favorite is "Homeopathy-SoldOut-Nut"

Comment: Re:Write your Congresscritters (Score 1) 209

by DiEx-15 (#49542349) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

Time to write your representatives and tell them you oppose this bill. Seriously. Go to their web sites and write them. The only way you can attempt to derail this thing is to be proactive and tell the people elected to represent your interests what your interests ARE.

Good luck. You'll need it.

Now if you really want to get this done: Become a corporation (because they are now people after all) and use the billions of votes called "money" that you have to convince them to vote against the bill. The more Dollar Votes you give them, the better!

Comment: Re:Such nobility (Score 1) 336

by DiEx-15 (#48680579) Attached to: Why Lizard Squad Took Down PSN and Xbox Live On Christmas Day

Given such lofty and noble intentions I'm sure they will be making their names known any day now so that the public can thank them for thei civil service...

I'll be selling pitchforks and torches to help the public properly thank them. For an extra 5, I'll sell them rope and a nice, tall tree.

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