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Comment Build! And skip SLI. (Score 5, Informative) 309

As other posters have said - Build!

What I haven't seen noted yet - Skip SLI graphics cards. I went SLI on the gaming machine I built in 2005. What I found was that a top end graphics cards can play games at high settings for a while, and that the extra $450 would've been more effective if spent 50% of the way through the life of the PC (i.e. 2 years later) on another high end card of the next generation.

The Media

Montana Newspaper Plans To Out Anonymous Commenters Retroactively ( 246 writes: Eugene Volokh reports at the Washington Post that in a stunning policy shift, The Montana Standard, a daily newspaper in Butte, Montana, has decided to replace commenters' pseudonyms with their real names. "The kicker here is that the change is retroactive," writes Paul Alan Levy. "Apparently unwilling to part with the wealth of comments that are already posted on its web site under the old policy, but also, apparently, unwilling to configure its software so that comments posted before the new policy is implemented remain under the chosen screen names, the Standard announces that past comments will suddenly appear using the users' real names unless users contact the paper no later than December 26 to ask that their comments be removed." In a November 12 editorial outlining the new real-name policy, the newspaper said, "We have encountered consistent difficulty with posts that exceed the bounds of civil discourse — as have many sites where comments from anonymous posters are allowed."

The paper's new policy has proven controversial among readers. "This is the end of open and honest comments on this site," wrote one user, who goes by the name BGF. "It is easy to put your name to your comments if you are retired. But it is another thing altogether if you have to worry about upsetting your peers and bosses at work." The newspaper editor, David McCumber, says he has extensively investigated the feasibility of configuring the newspaper's software to keep comments posted before the new policy is implemented under the chosen screen names. He says he was told by his content-management software experts that such a configuration is impossible. "Based on that, I am trying to do what is most equitable to all of our readers," says McCumber. "When a relatively small city is at the center of your market, just about everybody commented about is known, and the anonymous comments sting."

Comment My ideal TV would be a big dump screen, that's it (Score 4, Interesting) 232

I do not have a television but I do have a computer with a 3 monitor PC setup (24" 27" 24") and a good surround setup. I would by a "TV" if I could get a big basic screen with a decent resolution - but they simply don't sell those. 40" with supposed "HD" which is really 720p half-HD? This the dark ages? Am I to be impressed with a resolution lower than the average cellphone?

I also do NOT want a "smart" screen ("TV") with some ultra lame SOC which will be outdated in a month running some garbage OS with a lot of bugs and no chance of future updates. These "Android on a stick" type things are likely selling because you can simply replace them with newer models when you feel like it without buying a brand new screen.

I also do NOT want to pay for a garbage tin-can sounding "stereo" when I buy a SCREEN ("TV"). That joke of an amplifier combined with poor quality stereo speakers they include in TVs have no place anywhere near my living-room.

I personally don't even want that "TV decoder" part of a TV, it's not like any of the channels offered are worth wasting time on anyway. The supposed "news" the "mainstream media" offer is nothing but fascist propaganda mixed with entertainment and watching TV shows with commercial breaks it out of the question.

In short: I personally HOPE that the answer to "What is the future of Television" is nothing, I hope it dies and like the telegraph. If someone were to offer a big screen with an acceptable resolution with nothing but inputs and outputs on the back then I would probably buy that. As it stands right now I don't have a television and I do not want one and I would not accept one if I got one for free.

Comment Re:This is really wierd (Score 2, Insightful) 184

Sorry but the OP is correct... this situation *has* been manufactured by the USA's long-standing practice of pissing in other people's pools.

If the USA (and other Western nations) just kept their noses out of other country's politics then there wouldn't be this rapidly growing anti-western sentiment within the Middle East.

Hell... the USA and UK invade Iraq on the fraudulent proposition that Saddam had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction -- and look how that turned out.

The USA has almost certainly killed more innocent men, women and children (conveniently categorised as "collateral damage") through their drone strikes than daesh has ever beheaded, shot or blown up.

The USA regularly executes its own citizens (hello Texas???) who the feel have violated their rules (rape/murder) -- yet complain so loudly when other cultures, religions or countries do the same.

Message to the US government: do not expect *anyone* to be pleased if you piss in their pool. Do not act surprised when those people decide to come piss in your pool.

I believe that what daesh and Al Quaeda have done is totally barbaric -- but then again, the same can be said for those Western nations who have engaged in acts of terrorism and murder against other nations.

Let he who is without sin ... as they say.

Why doesn't everyone just grow up and start acting like adults for a change????

Comment Re:It takes multiple fire fighters to control a ho (Score 1) 91

So people are so absolutely shit-scared of drones that they'd rather throw some gimp into one of these "jetpacks" and place him in danger of his life (at a huge cost) rather than just fly a low-cost drone and perform the same surveillance role?

And when the MJP fails and falls from the sky, it's not just the pilot who gets to see Allah but also anyone who is unfortunate enough to be standing beneath when it hits.

At least it has a lovely ballistic parachute which (in a firefighting roll) will open just in time to cover the wreckage and bodies like a decorative shroud.

Why are they wasting their money buying a skidoo with fans when they could buy a *real* jetpack with real jet engines?

Comment Re:Can you liberals please wake the fuck up? (Score 1) 965

Far from it, but as you start to be less rigorous with your distinctions between the guilty and the innocent, pretty soon someone is going to find a reason to put you in front of the firing squad. And your pleas of innocence are indistinguishable from the millions that came before.

Comment Re:Can you liberals please wake the fuck up? (Score 1) 965

It is the moslems who are doing the fucking killings !!

I recognize that this is probably just a troll, but there is going to be some yahoo out there that actually believes this viewpoint. So here's a different viewpoint.

Speaking as an atheist, I am so far removed from all the religious groups that they are indistinguishably worshiping the same absurd stone-age fantasy. If we are going label and cast broad groups into the fire - including the vast majority who are productive members of our civilization - I propose we draw that line at "religious people". Some people argue there should be no Muslim places of worship X miles of ground zero because "we were attacked by Muslims". I argue we shouldn't squabble over minutia: "we were attacked by religious people" - shut down all the Churches and Synagogues while you're at it.

On the other hand, we could to be more specific and blame those individuals who are actually committing atrocities.

Comment Dear Mr. Baker (Score 4, Interesting) 111

Dear Mr. Baker,

I have an interest in this discussion as an engineer on a product that uses encryption. Here's a small sample of my companies customer list:

- Federal Bureau of Investigation
- US Department of Defense
- US Department of State
- US Department of Homeland Security
- US Air Force
- US Army
- Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
- Northrop Grumman
- Lockheed Martin
- Raytheon

I am sure these organizations would love to hear why you need access to their data. I am sure the governments of China and Russia would never dream of hacking into your key repository, honest.

Disclaimer: opinions expressed here are mine and do not represent my employer.

Comment Re:end-to-end encrypt it all (Score 1) 111

If you truly believe that then surely any and *all* conversations should be recorded or minuted and submitted to the government for examination.

Having a chat with a buddy over a beer on a Saturday afternoon -- better write down exactly what was said and (e)mail it off -- or you're a damned commie spy and terrorist!

Sorry, but regardless the cost, the right to privacy ought to be an inalienable one that can not be usurped by a small bunch of paranoid politicians and bureaucrats who have proven themselves (time and time again) to be untrustworthy.

If we relinquish our right to privacy we deny our humanity.

Comment Re:Whats this guys definiton of real world? (Score 1) 258

A university study was just published last week that self-driving cars crash about 4-8 times more often than humans, and the crashes cause more serious injuries.
The publishers were at pains to point out that only a few million miles were on record, so they hedged the obvious conclusion that humans drive better. Utter nonsense. People REALLY want to believe that robots drive better. A million miles or hundred million, the numbers are in. Self-driving cars aren't working. A million miles are more than enough data.

The real thrust of getting this onto the road is to fire truck drivers. End of story - they want to keep all da money. Uber outright admits it wants to fire the Uber "contractors" and replace them with robots. This is about money, bub. Hundreds of billions of fat, juicy dollars for businesses, and armies of newly unemployed. They hate paying people money to do jobs when they can keep it all.

Comment Re: That's nothing (Score 1) 258

That happens because we drive cars. Cars are very stupid, expensive and dangerous solutions to the simple problem of moving people around. They've killed and crippled more people than wars. That's because moving tanks at high speeds on flat open strips results in accidents. That will not change. Want safety? Build trains. Get rid of the cars.

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