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Comment: Could this be related... (Score 1) 269

by DeusExMach (#32180658) Attached to: Ball Lightning Caused By Magnetic Hallucinations the "strobe-light" effect I sometimes see late at night when I'm trying to fall asleep? Close my eyes, and I see fluctuating "flashes" behind my eyelids for a few seconds that don't seem to be coming from any lights in the environment. Maybe some sporadic electromagnetic or other RF interference?


Looking Back at 1984 Report On "Radical Computing" 183

Posted by timothy
from the remote-viewing-next-big-thing dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Department of Defense has just released a long restricted report (PDF) by the JASON group entitled Radical Computing. This 1984 study outlines a number of alternate computing methods that could 'result in a radical improvement in computing.' The study attempts to explain the paradox of how the Russian lag in developing VLSI chips curiously did not critically hinder their accomplishments in space missions, ICBMs and chess computation. The authors speculate that the Russians might have achieved breakthroughs in alternative computing methods such as residue arithmetic and symbolic computing. (More cynical types assume the Russians bought or stole US chips from the French or other too-helpful go-betweens.)"

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