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Comment: Re:Public education problem (Score 1) 130

by Deus.1.01 (#46228671) Attached to: Boom Or Bust: The Lowdown On Code Academies

Because its not an all compassing boom, I've know people that changed their subjects in the first year because of the math primers and friends that wanted to be police but ended up as truckers.

If salries are what everyone ties themselved down to, then why can't I remember everyone wanting to become fishermen.

You are so simplistic in your analysis it hurts.

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by Deus.1.01 (#46226245) Attached to: Boom Or Bust: The Lowdown On Code Academies

You're so far from the middle ground as it can get.

Your rigid thinking completely ignores the fact that most public eductiaton for most of your life has shit todo with higher education.

Or that people chooses higher education or vocation beyond what your myopic mind percives.

But excuse my current drunk wisdom....

You're just another aspie cunt that think you have figoured out every human condition, the fact that you think everyone is after higher wages regardless of anything else, after those windows 8 app shit, and conflating those two as the same.

Shows you know shit about the market...and shit about the individual.
All this talk about brain parrabellum is as empty and meaningless as the shit Sam Harris proposes.

Not everyone is on a bandwagon....its only your self narscisistic belief that everytrend is greater then people wanting to become doctors, vets, scientists, writers, graphicians, nurses or teachers.

Why people are lead to these choices are shit you know SHIT about, but still decide to act like you have supperior insight into.
And that is what makes you a cunt and a faggot.

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"Think about "Computer Fraud and Abuse". The wording of the law makes it so that a strict definition of a "computer" can make you guilty of anything. A touch-tone telephone with number memory and built-in answering machine may be a small embedded computer; if you use it to dial into a phone system tree and hack your way through the system, you're using "a phone"... but, since it's got an embedded SOC, can you be charged with hacking "with a computer"? "

In that case it would still be Computer Fraud and Abuse if you used a turn dial phone, because you exploited the computer program and used the principles against it.
Its actually a bad example, the Neil Scott Kramer case is a better one where CFaA was tacked on his Coersion of Minor charges because his phone could be connected to the Internet, ignoring that his approchment of the victim did not rely on it.

Firearms violations act is also a bad example and far from relevant.
Most Firearm acts also classifies a range of lethal weapons then just projectiles propulsed by an explosions.

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by Deus.1.01 (#44965415) Attached to: Malware Now Hiding In Graphics Cards

I spent almost two months trying to diagnose and fix this.

I reinstalled, tried to wipe the mbr and disk with zeroes, tried to reset CMOS on my stationary pc (try that on a fucking laptop)...

Since I depended on my laptop for my internship...missing work, using my limited resources(read medicine) trying to fix what i though to be fixable, to salvagable, to dear god give me another bottle of Grouse!

I installed both Avast and Malwarebyte(yes they worked together) some years ago...but somehow they didnt catch the wild changes in the registry, every location for programs was replaced with an CLSID exploiting that fucking virtualisation hack windows provided.
That and Alternative Data Streams....JESUS CHRIST!

I had internal winsock commands that came from absolute NOWHERE!

Im not an expert.....Im happy for people to call me mad and/or idiot.

But when a fresh install of Ubuntu decides to include every fucking packagea that includes virtualisation solutions....

"If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the man who in his callousness can remain sane to the hideous end!”

I have two laptops (one Ive sent to repair begging them to nuke every fucking ROM from space), the other overheats withing 30 minutes and my stationary...everything got certs I cant trust for shit.

Again, Am i dense? Have I panicked for nothing and led myself astray by red herrings? (This is not meant to be a tech support plea, just sort of...retorical)

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Which is funny because initially Lobsters were considered quite "unappetizing", and what was caught was grounded up into dog food.
It was not until recently( late 19th century that or such) that it began to grow in demand for the high diners.

But yeah, I read an article about researchers researching exactly bugs for human consumption....and you now what, in a all looks good.

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