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Comment: Re:What, no SIP on Android?!?! (Score 1) 286

by Deternal (#33806224) Attached to: Skype Officially Available For Android

Primarily the single vendor lock-in.
You can achieve exactly the same with SIP - however since SIP by nature is more centralized the latency issue Timmmm (636430) mentions can be a problem.

With that said I don't have anything specific against Skype - it works, and people are happy so hurray!

However I disagree with the quote - carriers should be providers of dumb tubes for the customer to transfer bits, however they have used an excessive amount of money on "smart pipes", which main purpose is to help the carrier overcharge for certain kinds of bits.

This of course is stupid, and a prevailing open standard which helps relegate carriers to be only that is helpful here, and Skype does not do that, on the contrary it works against this.

XBox (Games)

+ - XBOX360 Hypervisor Security Protection hacked

Submitted by
ACTRAiSER writes "A recent Post on Bugtraq claims the hack of the XBOX360 Security Protection Hypervisor. It includes sample code as well. "We have discovered a vulnerability in the Xbox 360 hypervisor that allows privilege escalation into hypervisor mode. Together with a method to inject data into non-privileged memory areas, this vulnerability allows an attacker with physical access to an Xbox 360 to run arbitrary code such as alternative operating systems with full privileges and full hardware access.""
The Internet

+ - Software For Virtual Teams

Submitted by
Ricmac writes "Virtual team technology has evolved a lot over the past few years, enabling more and more companies to go virtual. But in order for working from home to be effective, certain things need to be in place. The most critical is technology — a set of tools, along with the infrastructure, that can replace the traditional office. Using these tools it is possible for team members to connect, communicate and execute as effectively as a traditional company. This Read/WriteWeb article looks at software that makes virtual companies possible — examples include Skype, GoToMeeting, Basecamp, Google Calendar, CVSDude, ElephantDrive and QuickBooks."

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