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Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 1) 492

Were you also dumb enough to believe that the Patriot Act wasn't going to be used for mass surveillance on US citizens? LOL. Yeah, this will start as only targeting "Islamic state assholes" but as history shows, these policies will be abused to go after far more than "duh terrists".

Comment Re:Does he have insurance coverage for his selling (Score 1) 98

If killing people on the highway hacks out fixes, leading to quality AI for cars just a year or two sooner than a measured approach does, you will have net saved several million lives over a handful of people.

Then why aren't you already volunteering yourself to be one of the other drivers around him while he tests his system? You're all gungho about deaths from testing this being fine yet you don't seem to be mentioning that you'll sacrifice yourself first.

This is similar to arguments the FDA is a net killer -- the precautionary principle delays introduction of treatments rather than let some drugs get to market a little early, and dangerously.

It's not really similar at all. Drug trials done for FDA approval use people who volunteer and give consent to be part of the trial. They aren't just random people that get injected the drug without their consent.

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