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Comment Re:The human eye is proof God exists (Score 1) 187

i have more faith in lucas's made up religion than anything that christians have dreamed up. at least lucas's vision hasn't been altered thousandfold times by different orders.

that being said, they're both bullshit. honestly trying to argue evolution or science to a religious zealout is like trying to talk to a child.

so i'm going to end it with this. fuck you, and fuck your religion. have a great day.

Comment Re:It's not a choice (Score 1) 728

i think the politically correct and moral thing to do at this point is to simply dig up his body, and reattach 2 giant black balls. doing so will ensure his manliness for the world to behold throughout eternity? It's the british thing to do.

Comment Re:excellent. (Score 4, Funny) 156

i know! one time i slept on about 60 cat-5 cables on a 200+ person man LAN, it wasn't too bad. maybe if i laid in bed, and then had the chips on top of me? thanks for the input though :) i slept next to my frigid bitch of a ex girlfriend, so if i can handle near absolute zero temperatures, this should be a walk in the park.

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