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Comment: Re:Oh, it's not so bad... (Score 1) 282

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49152877) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

And much of the now-occupied hinterlands of Europe and the USA were underwater... not so bad. Flag as Inappropriate

Butttt... the water was nice and warm. Of course it was relatively non-toxic then - won't be next time.

In Eurasia rodents did well, while primate distribution declined. But wait... there's more! Fucking big lava lamps (it was cool kids. You call them volcanoes now).

Comment: Re:Who did the study? (Score 1, Funny) 282

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49152833) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Where do you find that reference in this article? It references a number of studies from different sources, which one is "the nuclear power industry"?

And... where did the click-bait headline "we stopped at two bombs" come from!? Who's "we", and W(here)TF was it "stopped" at two bombs. Certainly not Alaska, Muaroa... Japan?

I'm guessing it's a missprint. Should of been "we (cant' handle our drugs/inner realities) stopped at two bongs . Which is where they stopped reading. What were they smoking? Not the kind herb.

Should of stopped about two metres from the keyboard. And had twenty bongs of the kind.

Comment: Re: Did you read it? (Score 1) 114

Summary (for the Too Dumb and Recalcitrant): if you won't do

Post too long;didnt read

(APK is that you? Damn, I must update muh hosts file) Sore lips or sore head? Try lube for the former, a grease gun for the later

Satire, sarcasm, and irony. The Holy Trinity

My personal mission is make everyone equal - I've got the chainsaw and the club of knowledge, it's finding the time that's proving difficult.
I figured the first place to start was with myself - so I cut off half a leg and the top part of my head (equalised my height and IQ). The bad news is it hurt, I lost a lot of blood, and wind farms make me ill. The good news is I woke up in Texas (Go Doggies!) with a new job as a cop stationed outside the local methadone clinic, and I've made lots of new (noo) friends at the local church (gotta love talking in tongues and rolling around). The fact most are called Bubba makes remembering names a hole lott easieuh.
I used to think evolution wasn't horizontal. Now I don't think and I know evolution is a commie/pinko/lesbian lie (I saw it on Fox so it must be true.

Life is a roller coaster - what you lose on the ride you gain on the merry-go-round (especially if you've been eating corn dogs).

Comment: Re:Did you read it? (Score 1) 114

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49144025) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them

It's all about the fact that, in order to do many or most of the things we want to do today, we have no choice but to give someone access to our data—but that almost everyone we could give that access to wants to (ab)use it to make money.

The need to outsource (transfer responsibility) is fast becoming the "techno Nuremburg defence". tl:dr is just a symptom of the blame disease.

If you can't take responsibility for the risks of your actions, or fail to understand and measure them - then you have no right to demand it of others. Especially if you're unable to see the irony of calling for a "major entity" to "keep our data safe" (sigh).

Summary (for the Too Lazy:Dumb and Recalcitrant): if you won't do it (security) yourself for any reason, you are doomed to failure of your own making. Wishful thinking and "but it (the thing wot I don't understand - because I prefer to put more effort into justifying doing nothing than into learning) should be simple/safe" is the mantra of sheep whose investment in magical "thinking" demands the shepherd "care" for them (but fail to see the shepherd's incentive).

Dan - that's a response to your comments which are a common "belief", not a criticism of you. A criticism of your belief is - if you find yourself in a position where you "believe" you have "no choice" but to cede responsibility you seriously need to ask yourself "do I really need to do x?" If you find the answer is yes you may find you've conflated "want" and "need".

I'm sorry some find that offensive. I'm not sorry it offends them. They should take responsibility for the result of them lowering the standards and empowering the oppressors (tl:dr? they have the wrong end of the offense).

Comment: 2 ways (with variations) (Score 1) 446

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49143857) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem

The serial link has already been proposed - and that'd be my first choice (three wires, coil the ends of each one around a small nail, insulate with tape and carefully slide over the appropriate pins of the serial ports for cheap, one-time serial cable).

My second choice would be to simply image the drive - from there you have two variations:-

  • mount the image and recover the data
  • convert the image into a virtual machine (use VirtualBox).

I've had to do the same with several dozen boxes so I can keep supporting a chain of petrol stations that still use OS/2 and W3.1 to run all their inventory, training, wages, email, and accounting systems on old enterprise hardware. My first reaction was WTF, my second reaction was - holy crap, these guys made a smart decision years ago that still continues to work while saving them many thousands per install in hardware, software, training, and down-time. The customers only see the late POS and the cheap fuel prices. They've had various SOEs ready to roll-out as replacements since the early 90s - but so far they've proven correct in retaining what works.

Comment: Re:Amateurish (Score 1) 492

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49143775) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10

Why does your comment have such a GNAA troll poster vibe?

What are you trying to say?
The real question, based on that, and all your previous postings - is "Why does, Binary Larry, (lol, snortle, bitches) smell shit everywhere?
Like you, the answer is simple "BinaryLarry" - it's because you have your head up your arse.

What the fuck is GNAA?/p

Comment: Re:Amateurish (Score 3, Funny) 492

by Demonoid-Penguin (#49135779) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10

Actually, these icons were designed by Clippy the AI.

Nope. He was the graphics lead developer - till he got promoted to director of human resources. All icon design is now open source. Open sourced (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) to galahs. It used to be monkeys which they fed peanuts. But peanuts, and monkeys are expensive - so they were replaced with galahs that are fed crayons. Sort of avian Pollock - but much, much cheaper.

It's tough being a galah living on crayons and crapping on desktop for a living, so the poor bastards work nights designing web interfaces for online banking sites.

Ever wondered why those sites need a dozen different javascripts pulled from different sites? It's because galahs fed bad acid don't care much about security - they're too busy implementing flash advertising overlays and inserting Facebook/Twitter buttons (sigh).

[Steve Balmer monkey dance] Shareholders! Shareholders! Shareholders! (the root of all evil).

Comment: Re:Unprofessional (Score 1) 261

And you really can't see any difference between a light snicker at a Japanese called Fok Yoo and the facepalm of Honda introducing the new Honda Fokyoo for sale in the US? Another reason nerds won't be taking over the world, I guess...

I'm not familiar with a Fokyoo from Honda, but Honda Jazz used to be called Honda Fitta, they changed name when they found out that it means "cunt" in Swedish. Also a bit silly since it only led to a light snicker anyway.

Mitsubishi Pajero anyone? (wash your hands)

What's the difference between a wanker and a Pajero driver?

About 1 tonne.

Comment: Re:New version! (Score -1, Troll) 261

"it does not respect the UNIX way of doing things" IS a valid technical argument.

I'm guessing you mean Java/Linux does not respect the UNIX(TM) way of doing things.

Confusing because most of us run GNU/Linux. Well confusing for you perhaps because the rest of us know GNU means GNU is Not Unix. whereas you probably ignorantly concluded it meant an animal mascot (at least I hope it wasn't the furry fetish triumphing over general ignorance).

You can return to you confirmation biased rant now. Feel free to pop back when you've worked out a sophist "argument" that equates removal of choice with freedom to justify your (entirely voluntary) campaign to equate a default choice of systemd with it being forced on you. And yes I do appreciate that you've taken valuable timeout from your campain for laws agains sharp corners on furniture and bad weather - Won't someone think of the stoopid children? (Catchy title that!)

Thanks for lowering the standard, and - don't take that the wrong way.

P.S. got any good "freetard" rants? No, guess you're too busy adding up the value of your code contributions. Oh wait! You did a bug report (who's a clever boy?). Guess all those pointy headed developers owe you their first born now (sigh, and no - we owe you nothing).

Stinginess with privileges is kindness in disguise. -- Guide to VAX/VMS Security, Sep. 1984