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Comment Re:Gartner is shilling (Score 1) 1213

then maybe M$ will get the message through their thick skulls!

Yes, how dare they make a new product and sell it?! We'll teach them the hard way, and maybe they'll learn that they're just expected to go on supporting their old products, without shamelessly trying to make more revenue!


Submission + - New Ubisoft DRM Cracked Within One Day Of Release (

DemonBeaver writes: There has been a great uproar about Ubisoft's new DRM scheme lately, deemed uncrackable by the company, draconian and user-unfriendly by many gamers, since it requires a constant connection to their servers at any time, and boots you out of the game in case that connection drops.
One day after the release of Silent Hunter 5, the first game to implement the new scheme, it has been cracked.

Comment Re:Bad comparison (Score 1) 368

That is true, but if each plane that is not shot down causes damage worth 5 million dollars (yeah, I know, they can't... just pointing out my intention), not to mention the cost in human lives, then it's perfectly logical to shoot them down with 3 million dollar missiles. Obviously, if there was a 10k alternative, that would be much better...

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