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Comment Internet use in korea isn't based at home (Score 2, Interesting) 148

I think the reason for this new measure decided upon by the government is because in Korea, it is far more normal for people to get together at a PC Bang (basically internet cafe), where first of all the kids waste their money and time (not to mention sucking up huge amounts of second hand smoke, even in the so-called "not smoking areas") and in addition to that, they pay less attention to their studies. In Korea in particular where studies are very important up through the end of high-school,

Comment iPod is definitely the way to go. (Score 1) 459

Previously the refurbished price for the 5GB iPod was at 299$US, and now all the 5GB iPods have dropped to this price.

With a price of 299$US, a 5GB hard disk and approximately 10 hours of use, you cannot go wrong. In addition to that, xpod has been created for use as a linux client for the ipod.

As of yet, support for Ogg Vorbis has not been created, but once it has, you will be sure to see it at http://www.ipodhacks.com


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