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Comment: I completely agree (Score 2) 135

by Dega704 (#48396953) Attached to: Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband?
I honestly think everyone should be putting more time and energy toward this rather than having the FCC enforce net neutrality. It will be much trickier for conservatives to preach their free market line against something that is so obiously designed to open up competition. What gets me every time is when people say "Deregulate broadband and it will increase competition!". I have never once seen someone spout this line and offer a single detail about how this is supposed to work. Do they seriously expect every house and building to have multiple fiber connections built out to them? Google Fiber has also been a double-edged sword in that it has made these same people say "Google did it so that means others will!". I don't even need to point out everything that is wrong with that idea.

Comment: Hence why.... (Score 2) 200

by Dega704 (#48321161) Attached to: Net Neutrality Alone Won't Solve ISP Throttling Abuse, Here's Why
Lately I have become less concerned with enforcing net neutrality on the incumbent monopolies and more concerned with addressing the root problem by ending said monopolies. As long as everyone is held captive by these profiteering gluttons, there are always going to be problems and battles over how they can and cannot user "their" pipes. Municipal fiber networks need to be built and they need to be open-access. The good news is that the demand for such networks is increasing by the day; and widespread, nonpartisan support for them is easier to come by than support for net neutrality rules enforced by the FCC. We should strike while the iron is hot and get the ball rolling while the incumbents are still mostly clinging to their crappy copper and wireless networks. Better to do that than wait for them to eventually turn their copper monopolies into fiber monopolies and be facing the same problems ten years from now. To this end, the first step that needs to happen is to clean up the unholy mess that is UTOPIA in Utah. It is fouling up the waters for every municipal fiber project by being the resident whipping boy that every opponent points to when they want to argue that muni-fiber networks are a bad idea.

Comment: The saddest part is..... (Score 2) 56

by Dega704 (#48225187) Attached to: Secretive Funding Fuels Ongoing Net Neutrality Astroturfing Controversy
Even with the misleading propaganda efforts, the public in general overwhelmingly supports Net Neutrality. If this issue were put to an actual vote, I have zero doubt that it would win by a landslide. I have yet to meet a single tech-savvy person that supports paid prioritization, even among conservatives. Sadly, that doesn't seem to matter. If it did, we would be some kind of democracy or something. Heaven forbid.

Comment: Re:this could be solved by defining "internet acce (Score 5, Interesting) 149

by Dega704 (#48142247) Attached to: ISPs Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption
This is why I think that the Netflix debacle amounts to a bait-and-switch on the part of the ISPs. If they advertise a connection to the 'Internet' at a given speed, then fail to deliver on that speed when the party on the other end has provided the necessary capacity, they are committing straight-up false advertising.

Comment: The end result (Score 1) 336

by Dega704 (#48071175) Attached to: Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality
Hence why I think that ultimately, the battle over municipal broadband projects goes hand-in-hand with the debate about net neturality. When all is said and done, the fact of the matter is that there is a colossal and growing demand for a service that the incumbent broadband providers are not only failing spectaculary to give us, but are continuously warping and degrading to sate their own greed. Even if they successfully kill net neutrality and municipal broadband for now, they will only prolong the inevitable. Society has tasted what a free and open Internet can give us, and will only grow more and more outraged if it is withheld. The technology-backwards old farts in congress will eventually die off, and even the misguided people who ate the boloney they were fed by the ISPs and their shills will see reality as our broadband infrastructure becomes more and more of a joke compared to every other developed country.

Comment: Getting tired of this (Score 4, Insightful) 132

by Dega704 (#48068179) Attached to: FCC Puts Comcast and Time Warner Merger On Hold
If I hear the "no reduction in competition" argument one more time, I am going to have an aneurysm. I don't even need to say what is wrong with that argument. This is about the immense power Comcast will gain by controlling a full third of Internet subscribers. Lawmakers in congress whine and moan about giving the FCC too much power with Title II, and yet some of them support letting such a behemoth, unchained monster loose on everyone? This is beyond ridiculous.

+ - Ello -- A potential Facebook killer at last?->

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Dega704 (1454673) writes "A brand-new social networking startup — Ello — has gone viral. At one point on Thursday, the site was acquiring 31,000 new users an hour — many of whom flocked to there because of a disagreement with Facebook over its policy requiring real names, which some say is unfair to LGBTQ and transgender users.

Ello might be the new Facebook or the new Twitter or the new social media flop. It's too early to tell. Here is everything you need to know to understand Ello and why it's popular right now:"

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by Dega704 (#47977061) Attached to: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premieres On Linux, 2 Years After Windows
The problem I had with running TF2 on Windows is that the game files would fragment quickly, forcing me to defrag every week or two to keep it running smoothly. Hence why I was ecstatic when it was ported to Linux. I suppose it's a moot point if you are using an SSD, but just for the record. When using HDDs I have always spent a lot less time listening to the thing crank away on Linux than on Windows.

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