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Comment Re:cliche (Score 1) 102 102

Foster: Yeah, and we're not gonna fall for a banana in the tailpipe.
Axel Foley: [mocking him] You're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this - "Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!" See, that's more natural for us. You been hanging out with this dude too long. [points at penny loafer, brown suit wearing white guy]

Comment Re:The moan of sour grapes (Score 1) 450 450

For me, Swiss watches represent the pinnacle of hand crafted micro engineering. I also own a quartz watch that keeps better time and runs for years on a single battery for a micro-fraction of the cost (and requires no expensive servicing). So what? I find it refreshing to use an entirely mechanical device with amazing latent complexity. It serves a single purpose simply and elegantly yet almost perfectly.

Comment Re:Overstatement (Score 1) 286 286

Frankly, I find video games and other sedentary screen based activities to be the most dangerous pastime for children. Childhood obesity is deadly and is a direct result of a) parents restricting their kids activities away from bikes, exploring, football and other normal activities and b) the impact of junk food marketing aimed directly at kids.

1000 pains = 1 Megahertz