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Comment: Re:Burn your PS2 games (Score 0, Troll) 145

Old PS2 stopped working. Would like to buy a new PS that doesn't fuck around with software vs hardware emu vs how many games work on either vs overpay at gamestop for a fucking console that's 4 years old or screw around with fags on ebay.

You know - actions people who aren't nerds don't do - or who have time and jobs and - heaven forbid, a life.

Research for a game system. What a product - a game system I have to research before buying. Wow - fuck you loser corporate apologist scum. Fuck off and die.

Comment: Re:So... (Score 1) 285

by DeadJesusRodeo (#32585636) Attached to: iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Wreaking Havoc On Apple Store
People forget that most lines are fan-parties / nerd parties / whatever. It's (almost) an ad-hoc something-con. This became particularly obvious when they started distributing food and beverages to the lines.

Best line I've been in? The PS2 launch at the Metreon Sony Playstation store in 2000. The bathroom passes which held your place in line were good for 30 minutes. Wave after wave of gamenerds invading the bars in the Metreon displacing the norms 30 minutes at a time, all day and night long. Too funny.

Comment: Re:Print Resolution (Score 1) 386

It'll be a while before it spreads. Even the iPad's screen size would bring the A4 processor to it's knees. And as far as what dpi designers use - that's a false statement. Designers design for whatever they output - and most of the time LPI is what we're speccing to in print - not DPI. Silkscreen could be as low as 33lpi (or less). Newsprint, 70-100lpi, Magazines 133lpi, good quality stock could go as high as 200lpi or higher.

None of those numbers have anything to do with DPI apart from the source image before it's destroyed by the screen. Since lpi limits your output, you generally did no more than 2x those numbers (1.6 before computers had decent graphics) because once you go to print, it's meaningless to have a 600dpi image if you're going to 133lpi print. It's not going to look better than 266.

And don't get me started on source size and reductions.

Comment: Re:higher res description (Score 1) 476

by DeadJesusRodeo (#32517452) Attached to: iPhone 4's "Retina Display" Claims Challenged
What about the distance too? Do you really stick the phone one foot from your nose to read it? I hold it nearly 1.5 to 2 feet (at LEAST) normally. My eyesight sucks too - so if I looked at something at a foot or less, I'd have to take my glasses off.

It's all marketing malarky (I worked in print, so perhaps that's a bias) but I can tell the difference between a 300dpi laser jet page, and a 1200dpi linotronic typeset piece of film. I'd call out SJ on the "eye can't see more than 300dpi" business than "the phone held at a certain angle, at a certain distance, preferably at noon, but not on a leap year, with a cat present in the room".

Comment: Re:iAds (Score 0, Troll) 1184

by DeadJesusRodeo (#32490324) Attached to: Apple Announces iPhone 4
Amusing thought from a dead and overrated comic. He obviously only worked from word of mouth and never advertised his shows or albums.

Or DID he?

But then I don't live my life according to a fucking stand-up comedian. But if you take your christ figures in the shape of a professional giggle-man, more power to you. It's your life.

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