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User Journal

Journal Journal: Posting anonymously

Man, someone should really have some sort of collection of slashdotting tips.

I found a pretty neat page today thanks to a comment that was sitting at score 1. To expedite the process of getting the fascinating comment modded up, I posted one of those "mod parent up" posts.

I got accused of karma whoring.

Now, was I whoring the other person, or myself?

I don't see how I was whoring myself, as the goal wasn't to get my post modded up.

I wasn't whoring the other person, because their post eventually got modded up, anyway.

It then occurred to me that this is what the "post anonymously" thing is for.

Methinks I should post anonymously more often (on the rare event that I do post). My mistake, I took a karma hit, whatever, I'm still positive so that's all I care about. I'll never make it to "much excellent karma, here start at score 2 all the time", nor do I care to. But man, some people. I'm fucking new here, can't you see the near-seven-digit user number?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Karma

Yay. After posting something stupid a long time ago and putting my karma into the negative, I posted something smart today, and my karma is neutral.

I hope this means I'm no longer posting at Score 0. That makes it fairly difficult to get the comment seen by anyone.

It's so hard to get karma, and so easy to lose it.

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