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+ - 4G smartphones desired by 75% of consumers->

Submitted by zacharye
zacharye (2330148) writes "It worked. 4G has been marketed so well by wireless carriers that people want it even if they don’t quite know why. A recent survey conducted by market research and intelligence firm In-Stat found that 75% of respondents listed 4G as one of the features their ideal phone would include. When asked which carrier offered the fastest 4G speeds, most respondents were left stymied. “Although 4G is an important feature for handset buyers, there is a lot of confusion surrounding 4G,” In-Stat analyst Greg Potter said in a statement..."
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+ - Three-Eyed Fish Caught Near Nuclear Plant in Argen->

Submitted by DbZeroOne
DbZeroOne (905671) writes "Way back in 1990, an episode of The Simpsons introduced Blinky, a mutated orange fish with three-eyes caught in the waters near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, emblematic of mean Mr. Burns' callousness towards the environment — and now, it seems, life has imitated cartoon."
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+ - Macs should be supported in the office, CIOs told->

Submitted by
ShelleyPortet writes "IT departments need to support the growing number of end users choosing to bring Apple Macs into the office, according to a report by analysts at Forrester.

The use of employee-owned Apple Mac computers is expected to increase significantly in 22 per cent of enterprises surveyed by Forrester.

Despite this, 41 per cent of companies said they don't allow Mac users to access email or the company network from either work or home.

According to the report, professional end users are willing to spend their own money on a work device because their corporate PCs are considered too slow. Professionals also want to maintain their personal image and 'personal brand'."

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The Internet

+ - How schools taught kids about the Internet in 1996->

Submitted by
harrymcc writes "Jared Newman's sister Heather recently found an artifact of her 1990s youth: A school handout she got in 1996 about this new thing called "the Internet." It explains that you can do e-mail, play games, and go shopping, and warns of "Internet addiction" and the alarming possibility of becoming so dependent on it that you spend "hours" using it. The handout is a fascinating artifact from another era."
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by DbZeroOne (#30010042) Attached to: Microsoft Research Shows Off New Projects On College Recruiting Tour
...a global carbon-climate model, and several other software and hardware experiments. WOW! GROUND BREAKING STUFF!! NOBODY has EVER thought to make a 'carbon-climate model'!! That's revolutionary!!!!!!! In typical MS fashion, they'll build a mediocre knock-off of what's now an old idea and act like they invented it.

Comment: This is NOT a test of intelligence! (Score 1) 436

by DbZeroOne (#23572403) Attached to: The Smartest Browser and OS
Results of this test have absolutely no bearing on ones level of intelligence. Most of the questions (In the test that I took anyway) were trivial. "Which country was the first to allow women to vote?" I'm fairly certain I could teach this little bit of trivia to someone who is mentally retarded. Trivial Knowledge â intelligence Of course I wasn't surprised to see an ad for magical brain vitamins at the end.

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