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Comment Re:It's like Deja Vu all over again (Score 1) 131

(With all that investment in Microsoft Research, why does Microsoft copy others, particularly Apple, so much???)

Because MS doesn't really innovate. You can't come up with new ideas when you are mostly concerned with catching up to Apple. They had been #1 for so long that it didn't matter if they did something new, as they were the only game in town for many peolpe. Look at the Zune; same basic form factor as the iPod. Same can be said for most of the smart phones out there, that look just like the iPhone. And now with all the tablet stuff going on, people don't realize that Apple made the iPad before the iPhone, but didn't think there was a market for it yet. And true, Apple didn't invent the tablet or smart phone, but they are good at coming up with great implementations.

"Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee just delivered a fantastic, wide ranging interview on CNBC about the state of tech."

"We're in a cycle where Windows will become irrelevant. For the first time Windows is below 50% of all internet connected devices, so "we're going to free up $100 billion in revenue over the next few years per year. As Windows goes down, Apple rises, thanks to iPad."

Comment Re:Am I reading this correctly? (Score 1) 417

The install base of Macs is likely around 30% in 1st world countries.

Not even half that. Where are at least 50% if not more of the computers? In Offices...and what do 99% of companies use? Windows Even 10% of install base would be pushing it

But that's like quoting the market share of a Ford Crown Victoria; based on police department use. That's not the "real world." A lot of people have to use a PC at work, but have a Mac at home. My wife falls into that category. I'm lucky that I use Macs in my work. What's being done on those PCs in offices? The computer used at home (or even a laptop) is a better indication of what kind of machines people are using, as it is with cars people drive.

Also, as I mentioned before; in the NYC metro area I see Apple laptops outnumbering Windows Laptops 3 to 1 in my daily commute. And these are work machines with the owners being in suit and tie, etc. I know they are work machines, because I like to peek and see what people are running. The last person that sat next to me was a young guy with a MacBook Pro, and he was writing code. He was also using the terminal for everything, including launching URLs in Google Chrome. That seemed kind of pointless, but hey, he was a fast typist. ;)

Give it another 10 years and Apple will be at 50%. Look at what they did with the smartphone, MP3 player, tablet and music store market. They own those. And even if not everyone has an iPhone, look how many other phones are direct copies, right down to the icons and the form factor. I own an LG Rumor because I can't use an iPhone on Virgin. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Comment Re:Am I reading this correctly? (Score 1) 417

The only reason every Mac isn't infested with malware is that they're not a big enough chunk of the market for it to be worth the effort. If they ever cross the magic 15% threshold they're in for a very rude awakening.

Like everyone you mix up market share with install base. Who cares how many "compputers" a company is selling per year? Only investors .... The install base of Macs is likely around 30% in 1st world countries. The Mac is per definition more secure, despite of your good points, as a user is not running with Admin privileges, the Mail and Web Applications don't auto execute incoming traffic etc. The only way to infiltrate a Mac, that I'm ware off, is via Buffer overflows. angel'o'sphere

This is a good point. I haven't bought a *new* Mac since 2000. I'm on my second G4, which a friend gave me. My first one lasted 10 years, which is a real accomplishment in the PC world. My wife uses an old iMac, and both her and my son use older iBooks. So we have four Macs in our home, but those wont show up in "market" share based on new computer purchases. We are getting some newer Intel Macs this year, but still not brand new. I run all my user accounts with admit privileges, but that still has not shown to be an issue. You still have to use you pass word to anything to be installed, and down loaded files don't execute on their own (unless you have that feature turned on).

Comment Re:Am I reading this correctly? (Score 1) 417

Weren't a fair number of them WDEF-based viruses on floppies?

I got my first mac in 1994, a Performa 6115 (PPC). I remember that WDEF virus. I had gotten infected with it twice. Once was from a Zip disk (from someone else's Mac) and the other time it was on the installer CD for InternetPhone. It was annoying, but harmless. Since then I have had zero issues with malware and viruses. On the other hand, every person I know with a PC has problems on a regular basis. A friend gave me a flash-drive to copy a file onto, and it had two infected files. He doesn't even know where they came from. I don't understand why more Windows users don't use anti virus software. I use Norton Anti-virus just for those reasons, because I have to exchange files with Windows users, and I don't want that stuff to spread. I can't imagine how you would run an exploit on OS X anyway. You would have to run an installer, since it doesn't let just anything get installed on it without a warning or prompt.

Comment Re:market share (Score 1) 417

Apple has roughly 0% (zero percent) of the enterprise PC market, which is roughly half of the overall PC market...

That's not entirely true. I've been doing freelance work at Sony in NYC, and they have a LOT of Macs. In fact the majority of computers there are Macs. And not just for graphics and stuff, everyone's desk has a recent Mac Pro or iMac on it. Sure, it's an entertainment company, but it's still "enterprise". Also a lot of companies are starting to issue iPhones and iPads, which of course both run a variation of Mac OS X. As far as market share, in my experience when commuting on the train in the morning from NJ to NYC, I used to see maybe one Apple laptop on the entire train (assuming I was walking from car to car to find a seat). That was like ten years ago. Now I easily see two or three PER CAR. I also see at least two iPads a day, an a zillion iPhones/iPods. Last year Apple's share just reached over 10% (3Q '10) when combining the iPhone with Macs. They went from 9% in 3Q9 to 10.5% in a year. Now with the iPad thrown in, and counted as a computer, that's going to climb. They are currently the 5th largest computer maker. But I agree... market share has nothing to to do with malware.

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