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Comment: Re:Funny how this works ... (Score 1) 184

by DavidJSimpson (#47975899) Attached to: Netflix Rejects Canadian Regulator Jurisdiction Over Online Video

... achieved by a 52% income tax and a 21% sales tax. So that's 73% in total ...

The 52% income tax is applied to your income. The 21% sales tax is applied to what you spend. The only way you can add them is if those two values are equal, that is, you spend 100% of your pre-tax income.

Comment: Re:Charging (Score 1) 192

by DavidJSimpson (#32991788) Attached to: Micro Plane That Perches On Power Lines
The next step is to have this little airplane carry a small rechargeable battery from my house to the power line. It would charge itself and the battery, then return the battery to my house and pick up the next battery that needs recharging. Obviously I would need to make some kind of coconut battery holder so that the plane could grip it by the husk.

Comment: Re:Fundamental Flaw? (Score 1) 157

by DavidJSimpson (#32426648) Attached to: Wikileaks Was Launched With Intercepts From Tor
No, this is not a flaw in TOR. As has been stated in a previous post, the purpose of TOR is not security, but anonymity. If you want to have a secure connection, use an SSH tunnel (for continuous communication) or encrypted email (for a one-time secure message). Note that both of these protocols offer security, but not anonymity. If you want security and anonymity together, I suppose you could create an SSH tunnel through TOR, but performance would obviously suffer.

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