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Comment: Re:Whatever (Score 5, Informative) 529

by DavidD_CA (#46493091) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain

There are numerous atheist / skeptic / non-religious groups that have all of the positive aspects of church and religion, minus the supernatural.

In Sacramento, our local groups have book clubs, pot lucks, volunteer highway cleanup and soup kitchen service, lectures and discussions, game nights, family-themed events and field trips, hikes, and even a knitting group. (

If you live in other areas, check out for similar groups near you.

Comment: Misunderstanding of the Vulnerability (Score 1) 77

by DavidD_CA (#44991631) Attached to: How Your Smartphone Can Spy On What You Type

Many of the early posts seem to misunderstand the vulnerability issue here.

This is not about your phone getting infected with malware that allows it to detect your PC keyboard typing.

This is about me putting the vibration-detection app on my own phone, and then going to someone else's desk and recording them logging in.

So, imagine me going to my local AT&T store, bank, or my boss's computer, and casually setting my phone down while they log in to check my account or whatever.

Granted, some of those systems will require more than just a password (I might need their username, or the URL to log in, or perhaps their firewall only accepts certain IPs), but it's still a considerable weakness if this application is reliable and gets out in the open.

I can imagine keyboards that are "vibration silent" or special "vibration absorption" pads that will prevent this from happening. Either that, or customer service reps will start saying "Please remove your phone from my desk while I access your account."

Comment: Trillian - Digsby - Facebook (Score 1) 95

by DavidD_CA (#44036681) Attached to: Cerulean Studios Releases Trillian IM Protocol Specifications

I was a huge proponent of Trillian (and a paying customer) for quite some time. I used it to connect my AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo accounts.

At about the time I ditched ICQ, it seemed that Trillian was getting bigger and more bloated with features I didn't care about, and had frequent connection problems. And so I tried Digsby and loved it.

Then I believe I got a new computer, and for about a week I forgot to install Disgby. Turned out that nearly everyone I wanted to chat with was either on Facebook or SMS, and so I gave up on Digsby.

It's been well over a near now, and all I use are Facebook and SMS, and occasionally Skype. I can't think of a single person I've lost contact with because of that change.

Comment: Re:As a customer... (Score 2) 196

by DavidD_CA (#43595799) Attached to: Windows Store In-App Ad Revenue Plummets

Of the games you listed:

      - Monsters Love Candy (Microsoft)
      - Shuffle Party (Microsoft)
      - Gunstringer Dead Man Running (Other Ocean)
      - Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick Studios)
      - Gravity Guy (Mini Clip)
      - Samurais vs Zombies (Glu Games)
      - Reckless Racing Ultimate Edition (Pixelbrite)

Only two were actually created by Microsoft.

And none of them have the combination of in-game ads, paid-for, and super buggy.

Micropurchases (what you call nickel-and-diming) is hardly the same thing as paying $5 for a game.

And FWIW, Shuffle Party has a 4.5 out of 5.0 in Marketplace.

If you're having such a problem with all of these apps with high ratings, perhaps there's an issue with your phone or carrier or some third-party unauthorized app that is screwing things up.

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