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Comment: Re:"Lower quality"? (Score 2) 214

they have all the unskippable bullshit stripped out.

EXACTLY! Exact"fcuking"ly!

I'm in the UK and whenever we go to the cinema and one of those really annoying FACT warnings appears, she tells me to "sssh!" because she knows I'm about to start a rant. "I've already paid for the fcuking film! Stop bugging me with all this crap!". Murderers get less time time than potentially available for copywrite infringers.

The only people that don't have to watch those bloody annoying warnings that are unskippable at the start of DVDs are the people who have bloody pirated it!

None of my friends seem to notice this, and look at me funny when I have a rant about it. "But Dave, it's to stop pirates...." ... "yes, do you think the pirates watch this?! You're the only schmucks that watch it..."

This is well known to you lot, I know this, but this really gets up my goat, so apologies for the rant...

Comment: Re:Remember TEMPEST? (Score 5, Interesting) 264

by DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly (#45730983) Attached to: Scientists Extract RSA Key From GnuPG Using Sound of CPU
I'm not a computer scientist by trade, I'm an engineer (nukes), and this sounds dubious. Perhaps I'm way behind the curve on acoustic engineering, but being able to pull a 4096 bit key from noise that not only is pretty polluted, but also, surely depending on what the PC is doing, could be dependent of lots of other things?

Also, it's Bruce Perens. Hi!

Comment: Re:Sudden outbreak of common sense (Score 1) 528

by DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly (#42346743) Attached to: Makerbot Cracks Down On 3D-Printable Gun Parts
Hmmmm, until this site can make a 3D working print of a person's brain, and his body, and somehow make it all work together to produce a mass murdering idiot, then this site isn't. Anyway, last time I checked, knives were lethal weapons, and 2" of water in a bathtub can also be a lethal weapon.

Comment: Re:Something in the HoL statement makes sense: (Score 2) 728

by DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly (#38941281) Attached to: No Pardon For Turing
To children of today who study about Turing, they have no conception of the sort of environment that he lived in. Sure, they'll be told about oppression and persecution, but as soon as that lesson is over, they'll forget about it. If they learn that he was pardoned, they'll think "oh, that's ok then". I believe that in fact, NOT pardoning him makes it all the more poignant for those who can't imagine a world like the world he lived in.

And, as the article says, it'll remind us never to return to those times again.

Comment: Love Introversion :-) (Score 3) 96

by DaveAtWorkAnnoyingly (#38211528) Attached to: Latest Humble Bundle Comes With <em>Uplink</em> Source Code
I've been a long term fan of Introversion since 2002, I even went to their Darwinia launch party at their house, which was awesome. I was so stoked about the Humble IV Bundle that even though I had bought the games twice in the past (disc and steam) I had to buy this too, both to support IV and also Humble (backed by the same people who backed Google so probably don't need that much support!).

Regards the source. That has been available for about 6 years now on the Uplink dev disc. This costs about £20. I haven't looked into the restrictions on using it but as the previous poster recommends, contact them before doing anything that might piss them off. They're really nice guys and deserve support for making what are, really enjoyable games. Uplink was in the PC Zone top 50 games, and in LXF's top 20 games for scaring the sh1t out of you.

Hopefully this /.'ing will bake the bundle sell even more. It was at about $510,000 last night, so will be interesting to see how it goes up after this.

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