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That doesn't matter. He's saying that if the "EC Econoboxes" were driven like US cars are, the fatalities would be much worse. Around here, a lot of people commute on the Washington Beltway, which is a pretty crazy road to commute on. I once had someone pass me on the left when I was in the left lane. In other words, I was doing 60-ish mph in the left lane approaching a left exit and someone was so impatient he passed me on the shoulder. Do as many people in the UK drive on these massive and complicated interstate-style highways? That would make a difference. If I'm driving 1000 km back and forth to the market, it's probably going be less dangerous than 200 km in 120-kph rush hour traffic and rampant road rage.

I'm not saying he's necessarily right, but he didn't disprove him own point. Maybe the UK just has much, much safer drivers and cars than the rest of Europe (since most of the worst countries listed are in Europe). Maybe it's driving on the left. Maybe it's the better beer. [shrug]

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by ConceptJunkie (#47416647) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

For example, when adding some new code I will often put it at the beginning of the line (ie with no indent) so I can see it more clearly whilst coding (usually this is for temporary tracing lines), and only indent it before commit.

I do that in C++ all the time, especially when it's something I don't intend to keep. This is definitely something that you can't do in Python, but that doesn't keep me from liking it.

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With Python, on the other hand, I'm actually more likely to have an error in the indenting, because there's no easy way to see how many blocks I'm terminating when I outdent by an arbitrary amount.

I've never really had that problem, but then I always break up code into reasonable sized functions so the nesting doesn't get too deep. Perhaps that's what you need to change.

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I used Pascal for almost all of my CS courses (but this was in the mid 80s). I got my first job as a C programmer with no formal C experience, but that wasn't a problem, and I never had any problems adapting to new languages during my career as needed. I like some languages more than others, but I can get the job done in anything needed with a short learning curve. I've done mostly C++, which I enjoy, and picked up Python on my own a couple years ago, which I love. I wouldn't call myself a Python expert by any stretch, but I could become one in short order if the need arose. It's all about the programming: Thinking logically, breaking tasks down in discrete steps that do the right thing, knowing what can go wrong. The language is just syntax. It might make some things easier and some things harder, but they're all doable.

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It's not a spin at all. In order for Microsoft to prove to governments that their software does what it's supposed to, they are willing to share the source, because that's the only way you can really trust software. It's not spin to say that you cannot truly trust software unless you can see the source (and understand it, and be able to build it, etc., etc.)

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Microsoft isn't implying that. They trying to convince customers they don't have NSA backdoors. ... by opening the source to their products (to certain parties). In other words, you cannot trust software unless you can see the source. It's a pretty clear implication to me.

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Yes. That is just such an appropriate thing to suggest to an Apple user.

"You know that company you use because you are a n00b or just lazy? You now need to become a network admin to deal with the stupid stuff they do."

Well, Microsoft users have been dealing with this for 25 years.

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Wow, so one of their major goals is to release something people actually want to upgrade to.

Way to set your sights low, Microsoft.

Perhaps you should admit that Metro was nothing other than your executives suffering from collective lust explosion over Apple taking 30% off the top of every app sale and hoping that MS could force Windows users into the same situation.

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